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September 12, 2017
Happy new month beauites!
Welcome back to my blog as in real blogging not vlogging
I missed writing for you guys. I’ve been more focused on my YouTube than actually writing. . I have posted some videos on my channel and i was  shocked when i saw that my HOW TO MAKE SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE| IGBO STYLE  video reached 1.4k views. Thanks guys for watching. I really love and appreciate you  so so much. God bless all of you. If you haven't seen it yet.

Anyways, So today I decided to share some misconceptions about getting married in your early 20s. I would also appreciate it, if you guys let me know below what other misconceptions you know and also share your experiences.  

3 big misconceptions about getting married in your 20s
So, over the course marriage, I have been married for 5 years. Talked about it here and did small life update

 I’ve heard a lot from people, especially over sabi aunties to I too know people in general both online and people I know personally. In fact ill give you some real life scenarios. I’m a bit disturbed about this mindset and I thought I should share my thoughts here  so i can also know what you guys think about this..

1. You should get pregnant one night after.

So i can remember someone asking me why i haven't taken in as she put it. and how my friend angrily replied her that can't she see that i'm pregnant. Now that's a general question they ask most married people which is annoying but when you emphasize the "you are young thingy" and how you should be very fertile and take in immediately. It is amusing and a joke to me. Like you are God or your work is just to be monitoring sombori. monitoring spirit. weldone.

2.  You should have more kids.

Chai, se me here planning my life how i will have a particular of kids and someone is here telling that i should have like 7 kids or every 9 months, i should be pregnant. it is invasion of privacy to me. How can you tell me seriously that because of my age, i should have more children because i don't have any other thing to do but have kids. One thing I know for sure is that having kids is a choice, and you can choose to have one or more kids. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about being a young wife is that people want to make choices for you without caring about your opinions. That mindset needs to be abolished. 

3. You can't last in marriage.

I think sisiyemmie of sis yemmie blog did a post  where she talked about how it's best to get married in your 30s and i counter did a post  and a video here
 Let me know your thoughts.

I can remember always seeing movies where if you marry a younger woman, she will finish all your money and won't know how to cook or take care of a family. Like it was everywhere. I even had to ask hubby if i'm like that and he said "no" and i asked him why do people always make it look like we are all the same. It's just like saying all men are cheats. Are they all, really?  In fact watch the video, Listen to my opinion and let me yours.
Don't forget to share, comment and subscribe here ans to my YouTube
channel.. I love you for reading and till my next post..


See what an insecure man sent to his girlfriend who was out partying

December 20, 2015
This girlfriend went to party without him and he sent her this. have any of you being in this situation or

Read the story of a Nigerian man who alledgely raped his daugther i the US

Jay Sizzles Benjamins's photo.

15 year old girl Was Kidnapped, Raped, Shot Twice & Thrown Into A Well, But She Survived & Brought Her Attackers To Justice

December 10, 2015
Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors r 

A 15-year-old was kidnapped and raped for two weeks, shot twice in the chest and left for dead inside the well,

Juliet Ibrahim’s Explanation Of ‘Why Men Cheat’ Is Simple. Do you agree?

December 08, 2015

Embedded image permalink

See her tweet below on why men cheat:

Happy Birthday My Husband… The Most Wicked And Violent Man I Have Ever Known” Wife’s Facebook Message To Her Abusive Husband

This woman’s birthday message to her husband on Facebook has gone viral. see message after the cut

Pictures: A Christmas to Remember at IDP camp, Kuchingoro, Abuja

December 05, 2015
Today the 5th of December 2015, is a day the IDPs in the new Kuchingoro area of Abuja will never forget and i won't forget either because it was my first time visiting the less privileged and it will forever be significant in my life..This Christmas party was thrown for them today by some wonderful people and it won't be forgotten by them in a hurry. See more pics after cut..

Read This Lady’s Heart Breaking Account Of Being Raped Repeatedly By The Late Governor Of Kogi – Abubakar Audu’s Sons And Their Friends

November 28, 2015

There is no justification for rape and it is heartbreaking. Its kills your soul which makes you question humanity And in my opinion for a woman to come out and talk about it. She really has to have serious mind

Would you make a sex tape with your partner

November 26, 2015
Media personality and vlogger Uwanma Odefa is out with a new video where she weighs the pros and cons on making a sex tape with your partner.
 This is what she said:

Fifteen year-old Girl flogs 7-year-old Boy to death in Bayelsa

November 25, 2015

The sleepy community of Otuagbagi in Ogbia Local Government Area, of Bayelsa State, was thrown into mourning, yesterday, following the alleged whipping to death of a seven-year old boy by her sister during a domestic quarrel.

The deceased, identified as Harry, was reportedly whipped to death by his 15 years elder sister, Faith Festus, over alleged refusal to go for an errand.

The incident, it was gathered, occurred after school hours in the absence of the parents.

The spokesman of the State Police Command, Asimin Butswat, who confirmed the development, said the corpse of the deceased boy had been deposited at the Kolo General Hospital.
Culled from kfb

To improve your bed life, you have to communicate in bed

September 03, 2015

So these past few days have been crazy. i have been doing outings, meetings, family time and my anniversary

Happy third Wedding Anniversary to us...cheeeeeeeersss

September 01, 2015
Am so excited, today makes it three years for us and am so blessed and grateful because it's not been

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