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March 14, 2017

Hello beauties so I decided to share this with you. So if you have been following me then you know I have used some expensive creams/lotions on my kids but more constant with JOHNSON but lately we switched things up like we went way more cheaper. 
OK here's what happened. We went to either next or shoprite apo to buy their usual JOHNSON baby lotion and it wasn't available and we were in a hurry. So I quickly picked up the pears baby lotion and after the first use. I loved it. 

This lotion is worth it on my kids skin. They glow 

It moisturizes cause of the olive oil in it
It feels really good on the palm
The smell is really beautiful 

It's almost like my kids enjoy it when i apply PEARS BABY LOTION on their skin cause they are always smiling. 
Will I buy it again, yes yes yes. and i really love it even for my skin. 

YEA, that's it guys, i hope you enjoyed this. Don't forget to subscribe, share and comment.  I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo


March 09, 2017

Hello beauties, how are you guys... So i have been so busy with everything...its really so amazing the way people are reacting to my blog this days....I'm really grateful.

So If you know Wuse market very well unto Abuja thingses or go you are just the let me just shop there and go home  then you will definitely relate to this or have encountered one or two....

1;  Women who just assume that if you are on your natural hair, it means you plan to make your hair especially in front of the Wuse market gate. they will just rush to your car..'aunty you wan plait hair" and you will say no and they'll just be giving you that why are you lying look.

2; People who cover your car with used cartons supposedly so sun will not make your car very hot but my car is always hot and they will now be expecting you to dash them small thing

3:All the hand holders....the nerve, they just see you and hold your hands and they'll now say "baby how you dey nah"" wetin you wan buy" especially the igbo guys....

4: That one trader that his/her shop is always filled with customers and the rest just start moping or giving you sign to come to their shop or carry one shoe and be showing you

5; That one customer that tells you it's cheap oooo when you are pricing something like say its their business and  that one customer that always give the ... no buy am, no buy am sign.

6; People who are always in a hurry... those ones are very annoying...imagine someone will see you buying something and the person will start screaming at the seller as if you that is there, you came to sleep there.

what are the things you have noticed in Wuse market?...
what are the things you will like to see in the blog?

please let me know and forget to comment, subscribe and share if you you found this post very interesting. I LOVE YOU FOR READING AND TILL MY NEXT POST


October 15, 2016

Oooo this was such a quick week. I don’t know where it went! Since jina started school, i have had time to do one or two things without thinking or wondering what's she's up to. We’ve had a couple of sunny days in this part of Abuja and lots of rainy days. It’s been crazy here. Waking up today, i was so excited cause of two things...This review and  because Saturdays are for frying akara. Truth be told i make the best akara balls your can think of, No wonder it gets finished before it even lands on the table.

Last Thursday, my phone just suddenly went off and fixing it has proved that it is actually tired of this world]'or rather my world.
So using of natural things like Shea butter, coconut oil etc have not been new to me but using of black soap only popped up when i watched a Jamaican youtuber talk about it. i was like, wow so our soap don reach Jamaica. But any way the review was OK so i decided to try it and also do my own review. So i started having a skin care routine when i noticed that my supposedly smooth face now has small small things on it  which I blogged about SKIN CARE ESSENTIALS ) So, the review of this soap has been great

I got the dudu osun soap for N155 at NEXT CASH AND CARRY but  the next time i saw it EXCLUSIVE STORES it was about N200. But I'm very sure you can find it anywhere as well even at your local shops/store.

It comes wrapped in nylon in a small pack of 150g size

It melts easily if exposed to water so you have to store it in a dry place after use.

My Review
I love that the soap lathers really well and this made it really easy to use.

I also love the smell. (hubby even started using it) it just gives me this joy to smell it...weird right. Is it just me?

Since i have an oily face it works really well for me....but for those with dry skin or face...please don't use it, cause it will dry out your face.

It finishes really quick and melts if kept in water

Do you use any black soap for your face and body?
Have you used the Dudu Osun soap? 
What was your experience with it?
what else can it be use for?
can you use it on babies and toddlers

I'm currently loving this soap and hope you do do...please leave your experience in the comment section and till my next post...


August 24, 2016
Heloooooo mumsies, wifies, aunties.....happy Wednesday to you all, it's just raining one kin one kin lightly but continuously...It's this kind of rain that makes one not go out and think of goat meat pepper soup...yea, goat meat....So today i decided to do this review on this ROYCO GOAT MEAT SEASONING....and i am happy i am doing this. I know some of you already know it but for those who don't....then continue reading and thank me later for the introduction by commenting....So i was just jejely shopping in NEXT CASH AND CARRY KADO i say let me go and buy huggies for jina o from there i started adding other things small small and as i was just going through the spices section my eyes just waka see this seasoning and i remembered it from my uni days...Some one was cooking and i and i and some friends started perceiving goat meat, see us envying the person only for us to find out it was just seasoning. That's to show you that the smell no be here o....It can travel far and wide and it's amazeballs.    
I saw only them in this small packs so i got two for about 250-300 or so....and i have never really seen it in a bigger pack but i am ok that i even saw it at all. Do you know that there are only 25 pieces inside but just one piece goes a long way even though i use two....I used it for my oha soup yesterday and jollof rice this morning and i am so glad i did cause hubby enjoyed it and lick plate. 
So will i buy it again, hell yeah i will cause it's just one those kitchen seasoning if you start buying na you go tire and people will alway compliment your food cause not only does it smell nice but your food will taste delish....I nearly forgot there is an ogbono soup recipe on the pack so for those of us looking to learn, it's just at your beck and call....but i don't know if it's different recipes to different packs or ogbonno soup recipe come in all pack. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and enjoyed using it. I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo

Price: 2 packs for about 300 naira
Size: 100g of 25 cubes


July 04, 2016
HI HI HI Beauties how are you guys chilling, my Sunday was busy, the in laws came and i had to do one or two things, i actually made cat fish pepper soup and forgot to take pictures  but any-who, this is just the only time i have to blog and today i decided to show you guys my June best makeup buys, yes i haven't really been going out but a girl has to plan for her future wakaring. do you guys know that Ife is two months old today the 4th. I AM ACTUALLY TYPING THIS AT 12:52AM so it's already another day.  My boy is growing o...SEE a pic of him yesterday, isn't he the cuuuuutest

Now lets talk about beauty, particularly my makeup faves this June, oh my gosh!!!, i am so loving them right now and so far i am not regretting buying any of them, you guys, you know that after birth, there is this urge to just do NEW, your soul, body and spirit new and me i am in the level of body new which will start from makeup....see eh, makeup makes me very happy, somehow i wonder why i haven't gone to a makeup school to just gives me this peace of mind and i am at my most relaxed state when i watch makeup videos, that transformation is BAE, or is it just

 See this look right here i achieved it using these things, CLICK HERE to see another look i achieved with this makeup incorporated in this post. It's fine my eyes sha, it's fine and very everyday look ish...not wowish at all
 I got this powder for 7000 Naira at an Elixir beauty shop at the  new Banex plaza but i later saw it for 5k or 5500 i'm not sure  but apart from the cheating the product is very ok
I bought this at Zaron shop in New Banex plaza and it went for 3000 something, i think 3400 Naira or so but now up to 3500 naira
I got this for 3000 something at NEXT CASH AND CARRY
 I got this for 4000 Naira at NEXT CASH AND CARRY too, you know i have oily face and it's matte and in BRONZE 7 to keep my face dry all night long (in singing voice) but the price sha, na forming make me buy am o cause i know it normally sells for like 2500-3000 not 4000

 I got this for 1310 naira at NEXT CASH AND CARRY and it's in TOAST which jells with my skin so well.
 I got this in a beauty shop at AREA 2 SHOPPING PLAZA for 100 Naira but some abokis sell it for 50 naira lol

 I got this for 1600 naira at the same beauty shop at AREA 2 SHOPPING MALL.

Have you used any of these products before, please share your experience
What are your best June buys and any regrets, we will love to know

Hope you found this post both useful and interesting, I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo


April 12, 2016
How are you beauties….

Sorry about the small break, there were just too many issues yesterday and i couldn't update my blog,there was no light, we couldn't get fuel, my internet wasn't working and i had to go out to pick up some stuffs which my sister sent but the courier service dissapointed me. So i finally got my google ad sense pin after waiting to get it for almost a year. yes am not kidding a year. *i nearly gave up until one blogger helped out* so really am glad that am doing this review.


April 05, 2016
Hello beauties.....

So I promised i was going tO do a review on this soap and am so happy am finally doing it.

Before i started using this soap on jina, i was using SEBAMED BABY BUBBLE BATH and it wasn't doing it's job after a while and  it was expensive and the fakes were becoming too much  And so i decided to get the CUSSONS BABY SOAP IN MILK AND CHAMOMILE.....
  Jina has used this CUSSONS BABY SOAP for a while now and is still using it and i must confess that this soap is really worth it. Cussons try for here
I got the one with milk and chamomile and it's perfect for jina but that's not to say i won't try other types....The smell is really ok for me being that am pregnant, i think i even love the smell.  Cussons baby


March 30, 2016
I am finally relaxing after 3 long days. It's been one thing to the other. From going to our in law's house for Easter Sunday to hosting family and friends on Easter Monday and going for my antenatal class on Tuesday which has practically made me upset cause i have gained serious weight and the doctor told me to do blood sugar test which is costing me cash and it's annoying me but i don't have a choice cause of my baby so i have


March 20, 2016
I told my Instagram fam that i was going to give them gist ON WAKARING TO JABI LAKE MALL, so am here fulfilling my promise. So i went to jabi lake mall finally and had the best time for while. The place was beautiful and very big, in fact it looked like abroad....Jina being herself was running around and hugging people we didn't even know. Hubby was shy to take pics, so i took the much i could...but my waist pain me eh....i had to start going home. My original intention was to go around, take pic of every every. Any ways let the pics speak for themselves.  


March 17, 2016

 Creating a hair regimen  for your baby girl is a very very important aspect of a hair journey and something moms should put their eyes down on. So a lot of you know that i treat jina's hair like my baby and give it all the necessary nutrients. Even though, it's really growing and looks healthy, it takes a lot of work and i had to start making my own product using natural things to achieve what i wanted.. That was even how my hair butter was born and i hope you purchase yours.


March 06, 2016
The last time I went to the cinema to actually see a movie, i think was for 'THOR" and it's been so long so you see why i was excited to go when i was asked by my inlaws to go with them.So i dropped jina at their house and came back to see a boil on her head. 


Hello dolls, happy Sunday to you this is my first post since i had serious malaria which lasted for 3 days and am glad to be back with this review as my first post. Hmm this week hasn't been easy at all because of all the things that has happened but lemme leave all the juicy gist for my preg series which i'll be posting  later today. With the craze about diaper review, i decided to do mine afterall jina has been wearing diapers for 1 years 7 months now and am experienced with both pampers FYI: I tried one but the next day, her bum was all red so i decided to respect myself and my my baby's bum. and huggies since


February 09, 2016

Hi my people,
I am extremely delighted , it’s always a pleasure to do a product review on my blog and the best is that people are sending in their product reviews for me to place on the blog which am excited about and

Product Review: Neutrogena Body Oil

January 26, 2016

<b>Neutrogena Body Oil</b> ( Vucut Yağı ) -ğinin Herşeyi ...
Hi farbies,
I am writing this and shivering seriously, i had to write it cause i promised i was going to. Like i said earlier, i

Colgate Anticavity toothpaste for 0-2years babies

My beautiful pious, how is the harmattan, .IT have dried me up o especially under my feet, I have to apply so

Please take a minute and vote on what you'll love to see more on my blog

December 20, 2015

Hello my beautiful people, i am doing a 2016 survey so i can improve my blog and would really want your


September 01, 2015
So i have done my official blog scheduling and Tuesdays are for product reviews and today,  i have decided to review this product which i used for a while and stopped. It's the PALMER'S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA WITH VITAMIN E. Truthfully i didn't use this cream for a long time because i wasn't getting what it said it

SEPTOL surface cleaning and disinfectant liquid Review

August 04, 2015
 So today i was suppose to do a women product review but i changed my mind cause this SEPTOL surface cleaning and disinfectant liquid review had to be shared especially to my beautiful women.

PalmOlive milk and honey hair conditioner Review

July 28, 2015
Hello, my sweet people...e be like say this my blogging ministry is moving after all o cause the comments are coming in now like say tomorrow no dey and i have been getting lots of positive opinions and better ways to make my blog more interesting....

Don’t Miss the Fashion Faceoff

July 14, 2015

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