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April 10, 2018


February 20, 2018

Hello dams, Happy Monday.  Today's post is on how we can save as moms and wives, Money is not easy to get these days and anyway you can save if not for anyone but yourself, we have to do it. So these are my tips and i hope you find them helpful.

PLAN:  This is really easy but not easy. I was a victim to this where I just spend without any plan and by the end of the day, I am complaining like person follow me chop the money. So planning is necessary. You can do this by writing down a list of what you want and breaking them down into most important to least important. That way you can plan your cash.

BUY IN BULK: For mums like me who it annoys to buy 5 pieces of plantain for 500 naira  while you can buy a bunch of over 20 pieces for 800-1200. Please just be buying in bulk especially if you have  light in this our naija. This saves you a lot of bucks and reduces stress. If you are in Abuja.These are MARKETS YOU CAN BUY CHEAP FOODSTUFFS IN ABUJA

RE SELL: Ah is this important someone may ask. it is o. Can you imagine something of say 50k like car seat or swing and after a year you don't have use for it and you will now leave it and after a while it will now spoil. Please sell it. somebody need it and you need money!!!.  OLX, JIJI  and co are great platforms to make such things easy for us (i use OLX). So don't waste your things and it will give you extra cash even though you will sell it for a lower price. ( at least it is better than nothing)

DO IT YOURSELF: There is a wall decor, i did by my self and put it in the entrance of my house and the feed back was  great when it was new and i did it as a newbie without having and idea. Instead of buying say wall decor why not do it your self. It helps you save cash and gives you satisfaction. Yummymumlife and BYTONYE are  also great Nigerian DIY BLOGGERS. So check them out for tips .

DO THE NECESSARY: Just like planning. don't be like my before self that will just be buying and doing things unnecessarily. Haba, i can buy 5 hair products that i may not use in months just because cash dey my hand., So it is important to plan and then do the necessary things.

USE ALTERNATIVES: Alternative here means, For me i have been buying this fine sponge for place and the role is 1000 naira for years but growing up my mum used to cut up garri bag and we used to feel like she was too local. Now i do same cause that sponge is dang expensive and doesn't last at all. while my garri bag sponge is lasting and it has saved me 1000, i can put in other things. This goes for a lot of things like HOW TO THRIFT SHOP FOR YOUR BABY GIRL . Just figure out which ones needs to go so you can bring in alternatives.
this fabulous purse was thrifted

Did you enjoy this post, why not give me a feed back and also share to other mums so they can klearn a thing or two.

I love you for reading and till my next post.



February 19, 2018

So I just did this video to help new moms who are just worried about having kids in Nigeria. this are the off things to expect. They may happen, they may not but i felt like i should give you a heads up. This is solely my opinion and if you are not comfortable with it. Please don't watch and move on to the next video.

THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG : 2ND VLOG: CHECK OUT HOW TO MAKE YUMMY NIGERIAN CRAYFISH JOLLOF RICE : NIGERIAN BEEF AND KPOMO STEW HAVE YOU SEEN MY NIGERIAN HONEST HUGGIES DIAPER REVIEW, CLICK HERE TO WATCH: WHY NOT TRY MY SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE | IGBO STYLE RECIPE FOR LUNCH /DINNER: If you would like a review on your product, do send me an email. 🎉 SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: ♡IF YOU LIKED IT PLEASE THUMBS UP♡ AND SUBSCRIBE Want a specific video or tutorial ? Let me know in the comments babes ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️­­⭐️⭐️⭐️ LET US BE FRIENDS : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:


February 08, 2018

So I'm having this 8 days of val's series in which i will be posting everyday till vals. So I'm hoping i live up to the task. This post is in collab with AFRIKANRISING.COM , So I'm opening this series with this post just cause I feel like we always mistakenly do some things that really make things dry on valentine day and somehow we blame our hubby for it. Now I'm not about the everyday is vals day BS cause i feel like people that put that day aside have brian so don't come for me. I'm a lover girl and love the specialness, val's day have. so lets get to it. Don't foget to check out my post 5 ACCESORIES IDEAS TO MOM SLAY THIS VALENTINE
“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

Don't make it about the family: you have loved your kids from birth (after all there is children's day, so children on that day) till now so one day every year for you and hubby isn't asking for too much. Its a lovers day people, Luvaaaaaa's day so it's not children's day, family day or your day, it for both of you. Make it as memorable as possible. 

Be intentional in  your plan: It can be overwhelming but whatever plan you have make sure it reeks of love. whether it's staying in or going out. Don't come and be doing mama ma things or just complaining about your prep. ..

Make do with what you have. AH this is important o. It's not a do or die affair. You mustn't buy new clothes or spend so much. What ever your pocket says follow it. After all it's one day. After that day don't come and borrow money form me o. lol. You can just plan a date night where you stay in and play games, tell each other how much you love them and have lots of sex or just out. Movies are included too. But let your pocket advise you.

Make something special especially if you are staying in. Not the norm, for my Nigerian beauties, make those things you would normally go out to eat or better still buy them and organise them in such a manner that it looks sumptuous and appealing. A lot of places now in Abuja are doing sales on special food orders. do your research or better still learn recipes form FOODACE or DOONEY'S KITCHEN 

Be sexy, sweet, sensual, flirty, cuddly, risque, slinky cause at the end of the day, you may just be having sex. But above all be you with an intention to make your day special...

I hope this post was very helpful. Don't forget to comment, share and subscribe. I love you for reading and till my next post.



February 06, 2018

HEY damsels . How are y'all doing so today's post is dear to my heart just because i have seen and i have heard and i have also conquered. you feel me.😄😄

SO today's post is just to encourage as well as help you slay this val's day with your hubby or your bae. I hear especially women make it look like as soon as you are married then everything ends. My dear its doesn't, to me it's the beginning of a new phase. Your husbands are complaining o. I hear things like my wife used to be so so and so but now she only just ties wrapper, leave her hair haggard and doesn't even bath for days and it is heart breaking that young girls have join the gang. But from today it will stop o, no buts or later so read to the end.

Your presentation matter alot, how you look, carry yoiur self and talk. People that know me personally know i love to look my best but thats me but for those of us that it doesnt come naturally to, it's time to slay your game up. make sure you thank me later.

Most of this peices are from @oyoyoaccessories  and oyoyobags on instagram. So check it out and there's 5% off for you all coming from here.

So my work now is to give you ideas that can help you slay that day and make your hubby want you more and more and more. winks.

This type of  statement  earring can make to fulfill your cravings. With this earring you can be assured that your work in the other room must happen and i love how big it is and how the twisting is just exceptional. With this who needs a neck piece.

These ones are just a must have. You know that feeling when you didnt want to wear a wrist watch but your hands are bare so you need some thing really fancy but classy. Then go with something like this. You can never do wrong with it. So you can wear this without a wrist watch but still feel fabulous. 

 Who said i don't have eyes for better thing. This was actually thrifted and i love love love but with a purse like this, the way your head will be swelling eh. In your mind all the girls are jealousliseeing you. But really you need a very good clutch to make your val's day outfit complete.

And of course a wristwatch to make sure you are just on time for dinner, movies, and the main thing. Very essential and i like them big cause i feel like, on their own they are making heavy statements.

And lastly a rose to feel special. Oh how i love love and valentine day. I know some people that will low key say everyday is val's day but will still want some special treatment on val's day.

Do you love valentine day? 

what was your fave piece here? 

Todays bible quote

Yes, you have waited for too long for your miracle! That doesnt disprove the fact that God is good! He's never too late; and he knows the right time to act! Can you still trust him.

Listening to: Shaggy's "It wasn't me"
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January 25, 2018

So I have been trying to write this post since December of 2017 but laziness no gree me. I have been having a bad week but I just finally let God take control and i'll say its getting better. 
Have you read my first hilarious post of the year on 5 THINGS EVERY NIGERIAN MOM OF BOYS CAN RELATE TO I laughed so hard after reading it and i know you will too and to all my thrifters who just want to spend a little change but get really cool things for their kids then check this out  HOW TO THRIFT SHOP FOR YOUR BABY GIRL and i also wrote a random post regarding me and my pepper them lips. Click HERE to read. 
I miss you tube but i feel like I'm not  ready ready yet. It's one thing to be ready but another to be ready ready. what do you guys think? 
So my post today is just basically talking about harmattan from my own point of view. I thought i hated harmattan until i came to ABUJA . This place dry sha and very annoying. See me that used to have soft feet now i can boast of one kind strong and scaly feet and my stingy side can not think of spending #2500 for ordinary leg. so far, there is Blue seal, I am good to go and i can also do it my self. Would you like a post on that?. 
This a post which i did in 2016 on 4 SKIN CARE GUIDES FOR YOUR KIDS THIS HAMATTAN SEASON so this is like an updated post. 
So this weather comes with a lot of annoying ness from cracked lips to dry skin to stuffy nose to dried and scaly feet to dried out hair to dry plates (if you mistakenly keep them more than 1 minute in the sink). It can really be so frustrating cause the weather is so drying and so cold, you just have to figure out a way to keep yourself warm. 

These are a few tips i use for I and my family .

Drink lots of water : This one is a no go area in my house because on a normal day, my kids are fishes, they love water so much like give them all the drinks and juices in this world and they will still say mom, we need water. So it is very essential for this weather cause that throat dryness is real and we are not playing with that. Next thing now you want to talk to hubby and your voice is croaky like frog and in your mind you are trying to be romantic... nope!!!! drink water girl.  and also add fruits like water melon and oranges to your diet. 
Moisturizers, petroleum jelly and balms: Important!!!! Can be used for skin and lips. This helps moisturizes their lips and my son's lips cracks up big time(he got it from his dad, no tell am o) and i have to always put lots of petroleum jelly on it and now he does it himself cause even him don't play like that and I'm super proud of him.  So what i do exactly to to make sure i add their body cream (jergens) to the Vaseline and i don't dry out their skin  ( i dab) so it dries with the moisturizer and helps keep them soft then i apply Mentholatum to help with the heat they need. . I can remember growing up , we always traveled to villa for Christmas and we go and swim in our lake and come out without rubbing anything and we will now be looking like
....... My point is always moisturize them. 

TAKE  SUPPLEMENTS : For now i'm giving them multi vitamins and vitamins just because the weather is harsh and that Jina's school childrens can fly things around . Eh, today, it's catarrh, tomorrow it's cough. So i try to stay ahead of them even though sometimes it catches her and then she passes to her brother.. So these supplements helps at least to reduce their chances of catching all the things in the air and helps boost their immune system. 
Clothing : Very important. I make sure they are well covered especially at night and in the morning. cause the cold can just be too much. I wear them cardigans, sleep suits and still cover them with a duvet at night and i go extra to put on the heat in my car while taking Jina to school. But if you are going out with the kids, just put in an extra light clothe cause the weather gets hot during the day and dry and don't forget to wear socks to prevent dry and scaly feet. Oga won't like it at all.  
HAIR CARE  : I protect our hair from dryness by wearing a hair bonnet ( which i think is not the original original one, like its original china). For jina i wrap her hair and tuck the ends in to prevent breakage and also moisturize every morning. Even my son too. I moisturize his hair cause when it's dry, it doesn't look Good at all. 

Did you learn something from this post or just enjoyed reading it why not comment and also share to your friends so they can too. pretty please. Remember to be safe. I love you for reading and till my next post
I'm listening to Akon's "DON'T MATTER" and Beyonce's "JEALOUS"


January 22, 2018

Heloo damsels.... So today I"ll be recognizing our moms out here who are putting in all the work for our darling kids. It's not easy o. I must say, any body that tells you it is is a bloody liar.

So I'm sure most moms of boys can relate to this post. You know how when you deliver and you "call someone to tell the great news and they ask you wetin you born? and you are like "BOY" and you hear things like "weldone o"." una don try". "Ah, nah now you come" and I'm like what the f*** and now it's as if i have made it my life goal to educate people on the importance of a female child sometimes i get the "what the f*** is this one even saying' and sometimes some pretend to understand and you can see that look of " DEY THERE MAKE PANT DEY WEAR YOU" or " YOU GET LUCK SAY YOU BORN BOY, IF NOT, YOU FOR KNOW WHERE YOUR MOUTH DEY WINE DEY GO" 

Meanwhile, this post is not to say which one is better or to throw shade, It's just to have fun and somehow have a good laugh.


When people start hailing your husband, Like "bros you fire well"....ahah which kin talk is that so there is a seperate firing for boy and girl. I can remember when i was already pregnant but i haven't told my parents yet and my mom sent me a text one cozy night to tell me the style i should do to have a baby boy. I and hubby laughed loud and till today, he thinks my parents are just firers.

Every body starts telling you how you are now a real wife of the family( na now you done) what does that even mean. So i no done before.

After all the i have born labor jubilation and the second thing that comes to mind is the pain of circumcision. Is it just me but i almost had high blood pressure thinking about it from the day the scan came out BOY. after screaming my lungs out at ECHO SCAN at Garki, i realized my self and was like. " baby (me talking to hubby) so we will now do him circumcision. I couldn't bear it and on that day, i cried like i was the one going through the pain. I nearly didn't go through with it until i saw how his peepee looked and then i fainted , woke up and gave up.

When your son is not as rough as the way you hear stories of boys and you are like he might be a sissy. Most times when women make this comment like, i want him to be a manly man. I'm like the struggle is real.

And when you see your boy playing around or with a cute girl and you are like, Go Ife, Go Ife Go Ife. but if it's your girl, you will turn to monitoring spirit/detective/prayer warrior. ( I do that for Jina)

Can you relate to any of these. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this post and add yours too if you have any.  Don't forget to comment, share and subscribe. I love you for reading and till my next post




January 19, 2018

So i have finally gotten a name for my fabulous readers....( drum rolls please) "DAMSELS" taadaaaaaaaaaa. So from this beginning of the blog i have always wanted a name to call you guys and finally it's here. I hope you like it. If you do let me know in the comment below.

So this just a random post regarding my red lips and my PROGRESS but it's basically an inspiration post . The fact that i am taking bold steps. If you are following me on my INSTAGRAM PAGE then you

will notice my feed is becoming better and more interactive and i hope you love it too.

For the longest time i have been scared of wearing red lips just because i feel like it won't go well with my skin tone and it is just too much. I see it on people and admire from far and near and i'll be there admiring and dying inside but fear will not let your girl shine. So I have join the pepper them gang.

If you are like me i'll just work you through how i achieved it and look so well with jt after never wearing it before. (This is not a tutorial ) If you want one let me know.

I applied my foundation on my lips for the first time ( not sure why i did that cause i wasn't thinking of wearing red lips when i was playing with my makeup)

Then i went in with highlighter ( which is a knock off, most of my makeup products are knock offs). Will you love to see a makeup tutorial using knock offs? 

Then the red lip stick.. here you can use any brand of your choice so far it is red cause we need to be peppering anyhow, if you still feel uncomfortable, use a lip lighter ( it's a life/lips saver)

So this post is just to say, FIGHT YOUR FEAR, DO THAT WHICH YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO DO AND IT'S OK TO DO AFRAID BUT DO IT ANYWAYS  and at the end you will be glad you did.

There's a giveaway on my INSTAGRAM PAGE for this baby sandals , don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM PAGE here and follow the instructions, you may be the winner.

Don't forget to subscribe , share and comment. I love you for reading and till my next post.



January 11, 2018
It's already the 11th day of the month and I have been so scared of putting down something. Like what will I write, who will even read it. People are already over me. These were my thoughts for the past 2 months. Negativity is the killer of dreams. On the 1st, one of the my prayers was to give me loads of inspiration and luckily for me, I started getting lots of it from @drapedinbasics, @larisafleur, @sarahaudu and @uzzymami too. I was real inspired by this ladies even though i am older than them .covering face.

Like i seriously had a talk with my self. DEKA  WHO ARE YOU?
WHAT ARE YOU KNOWN FOR  not JUST WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU FOR and then it sank in. I have been doing it all wrong, Trying to be someone I'm not and trying so hard to be perfect. So I always felt like it just had to be mom things and recipes since my name is DIARY OF AN ABUJA MOM but now I know it has to be me after all it's my dairy.

SO I'M ALL ABOUT, love, family, pink, lights, white, fashion, gold, beauty, thrifting but in my own way after all it's my diary☺. I'll be a year older on the 14th and I'm so proud of me now. willing to learn , listen, more patient, more careful{used to be sendless and annoyingly daring} more realistic and more me...Every pic here represents my me, my heart, my passion, my soul....

DETERMINED to be more productive and not just the i will, i will girl or the one that wants to soar but afraid to fly. To see my natural curl cause i feel they will be so beautiful (been transitioning for like 7 months) product recommendation please.

GLAD that I'm finally accepting the real me and just following my instincts and not blaming people for my failure so whatever you see here is the real me and i promise to make it worth your while.

APPRECIATING all the people that have met me in person and said to me. I love your spirit even though at first you seem like a snub but when i talk to you, you are so fun and remind me of so so and so friend or sister or cousin and people who truly follow my blog and you tube channel {will be on hold to really find my voice}. I see you all and love you to the moon and back.

LOVING my hubby more cause he is getting me now and really even looking for ways i can be better in this dream of mine. Like buying me this Samsung camera even when i didn't understand the usefulness of it.

LISTENING to all the oldies that made me want to grow up and meet my prince charming. by FABULOUS, TUFACE, R-KELLY, ASHANTI, P-DIDDY, AKON, MARIO WINANS, NE YO, NEW EDITION  and some recent songs by CUPPY and TECNO, JHENE AIKO, SAM SMITH, PHYNO, RIHANNA that are really just bossing my brains. ( lol)

So this is it guys. Hope this was a great read for you cause i enjoyed putting it down and baring my heart. Don"t forget to tell me what your beginning of the year has been . I always love you for reading and till my next post...


This is me wrapped in a flatlay

Do we have something in common. Let me know in the comment below and I'll reply you asap cause I love reading from you guys. It legit makes me happy....


September 12, 2017
Happy new month beauites!
Welcome back to my blog as in real blogging not vlogging
I missed writing for you guys. I’ve been more focused on my YouTube than actually writing. . I have posted some videos on my channel and i was  shocked when i saw that my HOW TO MAKE SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE| IGBO STYLE  video reached 1.4k views. Thanks guys for watching. I really love and appreciate you  so so much. God bless all of you. If you haven't seen it yet.

Anyways, So today I decided to share some misconceptions about getting married in your early 20s. I would also appreciate it, if you guys let me know below what other misconceptions you know and also share your experiences.  

3 big misconceptions about getting married in your 20s
So, over the course marriage, I have been married for 5 years. Talked about it here and did small life update

 I’ve heard a lot from people, especially over sabi aunties to I too know people in general both online and people I know personally. In fact ill give you some real life scenarios. I’m a bit disturbed about this mindset and I thought I should share my thoughts here  so i can also know what you guys think about this..

1. You should get pregnant one night after.

So i can remember someone asking me why i haven't taken in as she put it. and how my friend angrily replied her that can't she see that i'm pregnant. Now that's a general question they ask most married people which is annoying but when you emphasize the "you are young thingy" and how you should be very fertile and take in immediately. It is amusing and a joke to me. Like you are God or your work is just to be monitoring sombori. monitoring spirit. weldone.

2.  You should have more kids.

Chai, se me here planning my life how i will have a particular of kids and someone is here telling that i should have like 7 kids or every 9 months, i should be pregnant. it is invasion of privacy to me. How can you tell me seriously that because of my age, i should have more children because i don't have any other thing to do but have kids. One thing I know for sure is that having kids is a choice, and you can choose to have one or more kids. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about being a young wife is that people want to make choices for you without caring about your opinions. That mindset needs to be abolished. 

3. You can't last in marriage.

I think sisiyemmie of sis yemmie blog did a post  where she talked about how it's best to get married in your 30s and i counter did a post  and a video here
 Let me know your thoughts.

I can remember always seeing movies where if you marry a younger woman, she will finish all your money and won't know how to cook or take care of a family. Like it was everywhere. I even had to ask hubby if i'm like that and he said "no" and i asked him why do people always make it look like we are all the same. It's just like saying all men are cheats. Are they all, really?  In fact watch the video, Listen to my opinion and let me yours.
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channel.. I love you for reading and till my next post..



March 02, 2017

So lovelies. This post is officially one of my best post so far because I know we moms, aunties can relate. Do you know that president Buhari has been out of the country for a while now and at first it annoyed me so much but as vice president Osinbajo started acting, plenty things have changed like naira is appreciating, bills have been signed etc. So I decided to list 5 things I can't do as a mom but President Buhari is doing.

1:  I can't live my house and travel for a month without my kids (at least for now)

2: I can't be sick, even when you try to lie down they start jumping on you asif you are the bed  itself talk more of being sick

3: I don't need a spokesman to talk to my kids...I will call them every time through video call and let them know how mommy is doing, i f they are doing and eating well I'll call their daddy.

4: 1 month is too long without le boo o. Body no be fire wood. You get abi

5:  OK let me say I really have to travel but definitely not when my house is/was in chaos

Do you have any lesson/inspiration you have gotten from Buhari's travel.
Do let us know in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo
ASH WEDNESDAY A reality of DEATH and a call to REPENTANCE #proudcatholic


February 28, 2017

Hello beauties, please I'm I the only one or do we just want it to rain already. It's becoming too hot o and I'm really having small small annoying things on my face. Do you know that I have started a blogging group on Facebook called oyoyo media and I'm really excited to be doing it. It's a blogging class where you learn how to blog and how to earn from it. Is it something you are interested in, then click here to join and also share to other women who you think will really benefit from it.

So today jina was being very naughty and hubby told her to sit by a corner in the house stretch her legs and put her hands in between her legs and when I tried smiling with her she just gave me cold shoulders.

Yes I want her to be disciplined cause from my research, it's now you catch them  but still as a mom I truly don't want her to be sad.

Do you do naughty corners for your kids?
At what age should you start naughty corners.

I love you for reading and please don't forget to like, subscribe and comment.

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