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August 16, 2018



Note: Location differ and bargaining power is very important. Some prices have changed. Some have increased and some have reduced. Happy shopping! 

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July 03, 2018

Hey fams, so i decide to create this sharp sharp makeup look for moms who want to look good but are in a hurry. I hope you enjoy this... F O L L O W : M E : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Camera: Tecno Camon C9 lighting: Natural light and Rechargeable lamp Editor: Windows live movie maker If you enjoyed it, don't forget to subscribe, share and comment. I love you for watching and till my next video....xoxo BUSINESS: For business enquiries/collaborations please contact


May 18, 2018

MOTHER DAUGHTER TAG; MY DAUGHTER TEACHES ME HOW TO DAB: THE NIGERIAN TAG FT JENINENCE: EARRING BY @OYOYOACCESSORIES ON INSTAGRAM check out my last video : SOFT AND YUMMY MOIMOI RECIPE FOR KIDS Do yo have a dry scalp then try this DIY | EASY TO DO HAIR MOISTURIZER: For my pregnant dams or mom in the making then check out WHAT TO EXPECT | DELIVERY IN NIGERIAN HOSPITAL This is my most popular video,...WHY NOT TRY MY SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE | IGBO STYLE RECIPE FOR LUNCH /DINNER: THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG : 2ND VLOG: If you would like a review on your product, do send me an email. 🎉 SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: ♡IF YOU LIKED IT PLEASE THUMBS UP♡ AND SUBSCRIBE Want a specific video or tutorial ? Let me know in the comments babes ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️­­⭐️⭐️⭐️ LET US BE FRIENDS : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:


March 23, 2017

Hello beauties, normally I'm supposed to post Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays but I had to break the rules for this one. so I was going through a fitness and lifestyle group: healthy yummy mummies and she shared this tip. So I'm hoping iy works and decided to share with you all. So it's like we are doing it together.

So first of all, you need

1/4 cup of coconut oil
1 tbsp aloe vera gel
1tbsp vitamin e oil
A glass botlle. 
I recycled my coconut oil bottle for this

FYI: aloe vera gel has a horrible smell so mind how you use it.
If you have castor oil please add a tea spoon but the only con is that it grows hair so your body hair might grow
So mix all these together and and apply on the affected area. 

I hope this works for us. Please don't forget to share, comment and subscribe for more of this  and till my next diy...


March 22, 2017

Hello beauties, so today I decided to do a jewelry haul. It was actually supposed to be a video but it didn't work out so why not do it here.  It's the first time I'm calling it a haul.  Yes I used to call it buys like MY NOVEMBER CHEAP BUYS but now I'm tushing up and hauling up. So these jewelries are from Wuse market. Read what I wrote about 6 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU WILL FIND IN WUSE MARKET, ABUJA And I'll say they are very cheap and gorgeous.
So this is a stud which i got for 200 naira. this is like an everyday earring, makes your look cool, simple and young.  

So this is my favorite and you won't believe i got this for 400 naira, it's a tear drop earring and can be worn for weddings, anniversaries, dinners etc you get the gist. 
I don't know what to call this one but it stone studded and gorgeous. This can be worn as a bride, a guest and for events like anniversaries, dinners etc. 
So this choker is very random but yet fabulous. the choker can be worn with a casual dressing and also when you want to glam up. So win win and it's very cheap 500 naira only
The wrist watch, which i got for 1000 naira. the wrist watch is a knock off but i bought it so i can have a mix. i normally wear more expensive ones but realised i sometime even wear these expensive ones to pick jina up or to the market.  

So this one is also one of my favorite, only because I love this type of earrings and when it is filled with sparkles. Then it's amazing. I got this for about 700 naira.( not sure of the price) and it's pretty affordable for how it looks. 

Which was your favortie jewellry?
Do you buy jewelries from Wuse market, Abuja.?

I hope you enjoyed my first official haul and I hope you also go check out Wuse market. There are so many affordable and beautiful things you can buy there. Don't forget to subscribe, share and comment. I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO


March 19, 2017

So I went for a wedding solo as in no hubby, no pikins, no nothing. just me cruising in my
car and feeling like one high-class babe. The event was for an old time classmate and I was invited by my close friend Portia. so I did my makeup, wore my beautiful blue dress made my me...(so holla for yours, very affordable) and my journey to Gwarinpa started. I got to the church and waited a while for the bride to arrive and after all the church lovingintis. we all headed for the reception. Immediately I got into the hall, I started noticing some kind shady moves and looks and faces here and there and so I decided to share with you guys.  Mean while feed your eyes with some pics from the event and let me know what you think. 

1.The Money Sprayer: 
Have you ever been to a wedding when that one guy/lady/man/woman just wants to show off, Asin they carry cartons of money and from the door, they start spraying and the look on their face is just epic like they are trying to make a point. So this wedding I went for the money was so near me I felt like doing shoki to pick some. 

2.The Dancer: 
OMG, see who is talking...I'm that girl please head over to my INSTAGRAM page to see my moves. The way I was dancing and having a good time, you would think it was my wedding.

3.The Food monger: 
We were so hungry on our table that we finished our small chops before they said Jack Robinson. the hunger was not here and i was surprised that no body was forming. 

4.The hottie: 
OMG, you know that girl that just thinks she's too fine or just finer that everyone else and she no go just siddon one place, gallivanting around. 

5.The Gossip; 
So while we were dancing and feeling ourselves, there were a group of girls that were just gossipin upandan. How do i know they were talking about us. They weren't good at been coded. Unlike me when i want to gossip, you won't even know. lol

6: The judger:
So aunty, you came for a wediing and the bride was pregnant, why start asking judgy questions. Is it your belle they are using to carry the baby or is it your money they will use to pay hospital bills or buy clothes. Keep your thoughts to your self and learn how to respect other peoples decisions.

7. The Questionaire: 
You are just on your own o, enjoying your self then one sister or brother will just come and start asking you questions asif you you are the MC abi you are the event planner....have they cut the cake, how did they meet,  what did she say, did she buy her dress here. na wa na wa. people of this world go and ask the bride

8. The Beggar:
So you will just be sitting dwn, one aunty will come and start explaining  things to you, excuse me ma, please if you can help eme with 200 naira for transport fair blah blah blah. So how/why did you come for the wedding and the funny thing is that this person is looking good o.  

9. The Souvenir Thieves:
I nearly wanted to write the theifer or the stealer cause no they don't deserve a proper word. How dare you come to a wedding and thief my souvenir. so na you need am pass. The way we were all hiding and holding on to our souvenir, one would think we got a warning call like watch out for the thiefers

I hope you enjoyed these events as much as I did, please don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment. I LOVE YOU FOR READING AND TILL MY NEXT POST.

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Which one are you?
Which one cab you relate?
Are there anyone I didn't add, please add I. the comment section


March 17, 2017

Hey beauties! Today I've decided to post this basic to glam makeup look, this is the makeup look I usually always wear and if you love it, give it a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! I I Love you for watching


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I used random things which you will see in the video


↣ Camera –Tecno  Camon C9

↣ Editing – power director free version


↣ Are your Professional makeup artist?
No, but i love everything makeup.

Are you a blogger?
Yes I am a lifestyle blogger based in Abuja

Are you open to collaboration and adverts?
Yes I am

↣ What is your race/ethnicity?

I am Nigerian/Igbo

↣ What is your Foundation color?

In Mary Kay I wear 708 and in time wise i wear bronze 8

NB: sorry about the lighting



March 09, 2017

Hello beauties, how are you guys... So i have been so busy with everything...its really so amazing the way people are reacting to my blog this days....I'm really grateful.

So If you know Wuse market very well unto Abuja thingses or go you are just the let me just shop there and go home  then you will definitely relate to this or have encountered one or two....

1;  Women who just assume that if you are on your natural hair, it means you plan to make your hair especially in front of the Wuse market gate. they will just rush to your car..'aunty you wan plait hair" and you will say no and they'll just be giving you that why are you lying look.

2; People who cover your car with used cartons supposedly so sun will not make your car very hot but my car is always hot and they will now be expecting you to dash them small thing

3:All the hand holders....the nerve, they just see you and hold your hands and they'll now say "baby how you dey nah"" wetin you wan buy" especially the igbo guys....

4: That one trader that his/her shop is always filled with customers and the rest just start moping or giving you sign to come to their shop or carry one shoe and be showing you

5; That one customer that tells you it's cheap oooo when you are pricing something like say its their business and  that one customer that always give the ... no buy am, no buy am sign.

6; People who are always in a hurry... those ones are very annoying...imagine someone will see you buying something and the person will start screaming at the seller as if you that is there, you came to sleep there.

what are the things you have noticed in Wuse market?...
what are the things you will like to see in the blog?

please let me know and forget to comment, subscribe and share if you you found this post very interesting. I LOVE YOU FOR READING AND TILL MY NEXT POST


November 24, 2016
 Hello beauties.... How's your day going. So as you all know it's harmattan period here in Nigeria or Abuja and I'll be writing so many tips that can help you and your family through it. Focusing mostly on beauty,  child care and fashion.

Read 4-skin-care-guides-for-your-kids-this harmattan period

One can have dry, scaly lips all year round. But this period is the worst for most people like me who have scaly lips problem even my little boy is going through it too. Cracked lips is very uncomfortable for everyone and just applying petroleum jelly most times don't work at least for me.  Cause it dries out after a while.

The best natural homemade remedy is to exfoliate your lips to treat dry, scaly lips. This will also keep your lips soft and succulent. Lol

Here are 3 tricks you can try yourself in the comfort of your home and with the ingredient you are comfortable with.

1. The first lips exfoliation trick I'll bring to you needs only a finger scoop of petroleum jelly or vaseline and a toothbrush. You do this by filling up your lips with petroleum jelly then using a toothbrush, gently massage in the jelly in a circular motion. Wipe off the excess petroleum jelly. Whereas the toothbrush exfoliates/softens your lips, the petroleum jelly leaves your lips extra luscious and succulent. Repeat this trick a couple times a day until your lips are free from dry scaly lips patches.

2. The second trick that works to get rid of scaly lips is to apply organic coconut oil onto your lips and then scrub them in circular motions with a wet, warm small face towel. It will exfoliate your lips to make them extra soft and juicy. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can use extra virgin olive.

3. The third trick is honey & brown sugar lip scrub.

(i) Take a little bit of pure organic honey in your palm.
(ii) Add a small amount of brown sugar, and mix the two together in your palm using your finger. Add a drop of water if needed to have desired consistency.
(iii) apply it onto your lips and this will keep your lips soft and sumptous


(i) We are all guilty of this but please try your best not to lick your lips as in avoid it cause it doesn't hydrate dries it out quickly because saliva contains enzymes that draw moisture out of the skin.

(ii) Before applying a lip balm, moisten your lips with cool water, and then apply an oil-based balm to lock in moisture.

(iii) Other natural options you can use are Shea butter, almond oil,  aloe Vera gel,  olive oil,  castor oil and Avoid using one packaged products.

(iv)  This can also work for your kids cause they are all natural.

Please share the tips that have worked for you or someone you know in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post. XoXo


November 17, 2016

Hello mamasitas. How y'all doing....sorry I have being MIA but Itw my business o. OMG it's like I should take a week off everything, husband,  kids,  business etc. I really need a trip. Ideas please.  Oh I didn't tell you but for those of you following me on facebook know that I now have a clothing business which is online and offline but mainly off line.  Yes I sell fairly used clothes or just call it OK.  and it's been seriously hectic.  Waking up taking care of everything and preparing to go to the shop isn't really a thing but I really appreciate God for bringing us this far.  So if you are interested please patronise your sister so the ministry can move.
I sell bras,  cotton nighties,  kiddies and baby shoes

So today's post is to guide you or give you some tips on how to care for your kids/toddlers/infants skin this hamattan period

1: Do not dry out the skin after bath.  Use a clean towel and pat dry and do not rub.  You don't want the skin to break out

2: Ditch the lotions and creams for now.  No don't throw then away just keep it aside for now and go back to your oila and petroleum jelly like Vaseline.  This will help keep the skin soft and nourish and also make the skin shine and since you are not drying out the skin in the first place, you do not need so much. This can also be applied on the lips to keep it soft too.

3: Wear them pop socks, leggings and long trousers especially for the older kids .  Depending on how old your child is you have to wear them things that will help retain moisture.  You know this period everywhere is annoyingly are dry and if you expose their skin,  it will definitely dry out. Another thing is for those of us that our kids are very active, it helps prevent wounds, scratches and injuries.

4: Wear them coveralls. This is very importance especially for toddlers infants and babies. This will also help retain moisture and prevent the skin for breaking.

What other tips do you have.  Please share with us in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post.  xoxo

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