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January 11, 2018
It's already the 11th day of the month and I have been so scared of putting down something. Like what will I write, who will even read it. People are already over me. These were my thoughts for the past 2 months. Negativity is the killer of dreams. On the 1st, one of the my prayers was to give me loads of inspiration and luckily for me, I started getting lots of it from @drapedinbasics, @larisafleur, @sarahaudu and @uzzymami too. I was real inspired by this ladies even though i am older than them .covering face.

Like i seriously had a talk with my self. DEKA  WHO ARE YOU?
WHAT ARE YOU KNOWN FOR  not JUST WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU FOR and then it sank in. I have been doing it all wrong, Trying to be someone I'm not and trying so hard to be perfect. So I always felt like it just had to be mom things and recipes since my name is DIARY OF AN ABUJA MOM but now I know it has to be me after all it's my dairy.

SO I'M ALL ABOUT, love, family, pink, lights, white, fashion, gold, beauty, thrifting but in my own way after all it's my diary☺. I'll be a year older on the 14th and I'm so proud of me now. willing to learn , listen, more patient, more careful{used to be sendless and annoyingly daring} more realistic and more me...Every pic here represents my me, my heart, my passion, my soul....

DETERMINED to be more productive and not just the i will, i will girl or the one that wants to soar but afraid to fly. To see my natural curl cause i feel they will be so beautiful (been transitioning for like 7 months) product recommendation please.

GLAD that I'm finally accepting the real me and just following my instincts and not blaming people for my failure so whatever you see here is the real me and i promise to make it worth your while.

APPRECIATING all the people that have met me in person and said to me. I love your spirit even though at first you seem like a snub but when i talk to you, you are so fun and remind me of so so and so friend or sister or cousin and people who truly follow my blog and you tube channel {will be on hold to really find my voice}. I see you all and love you to the moon and back.

LOVING my hubby more cause he is getting me now and really even looking for ways i can be better in this dream of mine. Like buying me this Samsung camera even when i didn't understand the usefulness of it.

LISTENING to all the oldies that made me want to grow up and meet my prince charming. by FABULOUS, TUFACE, R-KELLY, ASHANTI, P-DIDDY, AKON, MARIO WINANS, NE YO, NEW EDITION  and some recent songs by CUPPY and TECNO, JHENE AIKO, SAM SMITH, PHYNO, RIHANNA that are really just bossing my brains. ( lol)

So this is it guys. Hope this was a great read for you cause i enjoyed putting it down and baring my heart. Don"t forget to tell me what your beginning of the year has been . I always love you for reading and till my next post...


This is me wrapped in a flatlay

Do we have something in common. Let me know in the comment below and I'll reply you asap cause I love reading from you guys. It legit makes me happy....


April 14, 2017

Hello beauties, guess you are all preparing for easter and the holidays. I am too. Planning to do some special cookings and hangout. So hope you all are ready. Do you know that up till now I haven't really understood how snap chat works, please i need hekp cause it seems like im the only one. So today's post is just telling you guys fun places to hangout with your family or just with hubby or bae in abuja this easter. I feel like that's one of our biggest problems here in abuja. we don't always know where and where to go in abuja fro special occassions and we just stay at home bored and angry especally those that just moved in to abuja. I will get right to it and if you have any more places please add in the comment section.

1: MAGICLAND: A lot of us know magic land right or at least we have heard of it or even passed it. So it's along airport road and you can always use your google maps for direction. So this place is really fun for the family and you get to do lots of stuff with your kids. the only con is that during the holidays, it gets so filled up so you might either want to go early, be patient or just do small gra gra to get space. eh hen, you have to pay an entrance fee which you eventually use to do a game or ride.

2: MILLENIUM PARK: This park is a greenish beautiful place. It's a good place to sit out and just have a calm family moment. You have to either go with your mat or rent one  for about 200 naira and also it's like a picnic style hangout. So carry your food , drinks, water and music and have a beautiful time. It free entrance but they will search so be prepared for it.

3: JABI LAKE MALL: You can just do sit out or window shop or even really shop. The place is very beautiful and you can see the jabi lake from there. But if you plan to go with your kids or you are the buy buy type better carry cash o cause the longer throat of buying is not small o.  This pace is more of you spenind money, cause it's a mall and you see different eat ins, eat out and shops. Free entrance, search and a beautiful time is what to expect.

Have you been to these places before?

What was your experience there?

where else can we hangout in ABUJA this easter?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you found it very helpful. please share, comment and subcribe to my blog. I LOVE YOU FOR READING and till my next post.




March 23, 2017

Hello beauties, normally I'm supposed to post Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays but I had to break the rules for this one. so I was going through a fitness and lifestyle group: healthy yummy mummies and she shared this tip. So I'm hoping iy works and decided to share with you all. So it's like we are doing it together.

So first of all, you need

1/4 cup of coconut oil
1 tbsp aloe vera gel
1tbsp vitamin e oil
A glass botlle. 
I recycled my coconut oil bottle for this

FYI: aloe vera gel has a horrible smell so mind how you use it.
If you have castor oil please add a tea spoon but the only con is that it grows hair so your body hair might grow
So mix all these together and and apply on the affected area. 

I hope this works for us. Please don't forget to share, comment and subscribe for more of this  and till my next diy...


March 19, 2017

So I went for a wedding solo as in no hubby, no pikins, no nothing. just me cruising in my
car and feeling like one high-class babe. The event was for an old time classmate and I was invited by my close friend Portia. so I did my makeup, wore my beautiful blue dress made my me...(so holla for yours, very affordable) and my journey to Gwarinpa started. I got to the church and waited a while for the bride to arrive and after all the church lovingintis. we all headed for the reception. Immediately I got into the hall, I started noticing some kind shady moves and looks and faces here and there and so I decided to share with you guys.  Mean while feed your eyes with some pics from the event and let me know what you think. 

1.The Money Sprayer: 
Have you ever been to a wedding when that one guy/lady/man/woman just wants to show off, Asin they carry cartons of money and from the door, they start spraying and the look on their face is just epic like they are trying to make a point. So this wedding I went for the money was so near me I felt like doing shoki to pick some. 

2.The Dancer: 
OMG, see who is talking...I'm that girl please head over to my INSTAGRAM page to see my moves. The way I was dancing and having a good time, you would think it was my wedding.

3.The Food monger: 
We were so hungry on our table that we finished our small chops before they said Jack Robinson. the hunger was not here and i was surprised that no body was forming. 

4.The hottie: 
OMG, you know that girl that just thinks she's too fine or just finer that everyone else and she no go just siddon one place, gallivanting around. 

5.The Gossip; 
So while we were dancing and feeling ourselves, there were a group of girls that were just gossipin upandan. How do i know they were talking about us. They weren't good at been coded. Unlike me when i want to gossip, you won't even know. lol

6: The judger:
So aunty, you came for a wediing and the bride was pregnant, why start asking judgy questions. Is it your belle they are using to carry the baby or is it your money they will use to pay hospital bills or buy clothes. Keep your thoughts to your self and learn how to respect other peoples decisions.

7. The Questionaire: 
You are just on your own o, enjoying your self then one sister or brother will just come and start asking you questions asif you you are the MC abi you are the event planner....have they cut the cake, how did they meet,  what did she say, did she buy her dress here. na wa na wa. people of this world go and ask the bride

8. The Beggar:
So you will just be sitting dwn, one aunty will come and start explaining  things to you, excuse me ma, please if you can help eme with 200 naira for transport fair blah blah blah. So how/why did you come for the wedding and the funny thing is that this person is looking good o.  

9. The Souvenir Thieves:
I nearly wanted to write the theifer or the stealer cause no they don't deserve a proper word. How dare you come to a wedding and thief my souvenir. so na you need am pass. The way we were all hiding and holding on to our souvenir, one would think we got a warning call like watch out for the thiefers

I hope you enjoyed these events as much as I did, please don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment. I LOVE YOU FOR READING AND TILL MY NEXT POST.

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Which one are you?
Which one cab you relate?
Are there anyone I didn't add, please add I. the comment section


March 17, 2017

Hey beauties! Today I've decided to post this basic to glam makeup look, this is the makeup look I usually always wear and if you love it, give it a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! I I Love you for watching


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I used random things which you will see in the video


↣ Camera –Tecno  Camon C9

↣ Editing – power director free version


↣ Are your Professional makeup artist?
No, but i love everything makeup.

Are you a blogger?
Yes I am a lifestyle blogger based in Abuja

Are you open to collaboration and adverts?
Yes I am

↣ What is your race/ethnicity?

I am Nigerian/Igbo

↣ What is your Foundation color?

In Mary Kay I wear 708 and in time wise i wear bronze 8

NB: sorry about the lighting



March 09, 2017

Hello beauties, how are you guys... So i have been so busy with everything...its really so amazing the way people are reacting to my blog this days....I'm really grateful.

So If you know Wuse market very well unto Abuja thingses or go you are just the let me just shop there and go home  then you will definitely relate to this or have encountered one or two....

1;  Women who just assume that if you are on your natural hair, it means you plan to make your hair especially in front of the Wuse market gate. they will just rush to your car..'aunty you wan plait hair" and you will say no and they'll just be giving you that why are you lying look.

2; People who cover your car with used cartons supposedly so sun will not make your car very hot but my car is always hot and they will now be expecting you to dash them small thing

3:All the hand holders....the nerve, they just see you and hold your hands and they'll now say "baby how you dey nah"" wetin you wan buy" especially the igbo guys....

4: That one trader that his/her shop is always filled with customers and the rest just start moping or giving you sign to come to their shop or carry one shoe and be showing you

5; That one customer that tells you it's cheap oooo when you are pricing something like say its their business and  that one customer that always give the ... no buy am, no buy am sign.

6; People who are always in a hurry... those ones are very annoying...imagine someone will see you buying something and the person will start screaming at the seller as if you that is there, you came to sleep there.

what are the things you have noticed in Wuse market?...
what are the things you will like to see in the blog?

please let me know and forget to comment, subscribe and share if you you found this post very interesting. I LOVE YOU FOR READING AND TILL MY NEXT POST


March 02, 2017

So lovelies. This post is officially one of my best post so far because I know we moms, aunties can relate. Do you know that president Buhari has been out of the country for a while now and at first it annoyed me so much but as vice president Osinbajo started acting, plenty things have changed like naira is appreciating, bills have been signed etc. So I decided to list 5 things I can't do as a mom but President Buhari is doing.

1:  I can't live my house and travel for a month without my kids (at least for now)

2: I can't be sick, even when you try to lie down they start jumping on you asif you are the bed  itself talk more of being sick

3: I don't need a spokesman to talk to my kids...I will call them every time through video call and let them know how mommy is doing, i f they are doing and eating well I'll call their daddy.

4: 1 month is too long without le boo o. Body no be fire wood. You get abi

5:  OK let me say I really have to travel but definitely not when my house is/was in chaos

Do you have any lesson/inspiration you have gotten from Buhari's travel.
Do let us know in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo
ASH WEDNESDAY A reality of DEATH and a call to REPENTANCE #proudcatholic


February 09, 2017

Hey guys..... How are y'all doing. Who are the big brother naija fans please hands up....let me know how many of you are really made in naija. So lately I have been following this big brother thingy(mostly on social media) and I must say I have so many things to say about it but I'll just mention a few.

1: Most Nigerians are not into Nigerian things. Do you know that Big Brother Naija isn't shot in Naija. How do they expect me to buy cassava bread when ordinary to do one TV show like Big Brother Naija they can't find one house around Maitama or Asokoro to do it and they will now be saying #buynaijatosavethenaira. Someone said because of light issue. Can't they buy fuel self.

2: Do not trust anyone especially people you meet in a survival of the fittest game show. Can you imagine that fair girl abi half cast girl denying knowing that guy cause they didn't come together and he's not her brother or boyfriend or church member. When they were doing loving loving and sweetie sweetie, she didn't know they didn't come together. Na wa for people o.

3: To sleep early: because the thing isn't so interesting to me i have learnt to sleep early  so I won't have to mistakenly watch it fully. The small small clips I'm  seeing on Instagram is OK for me.

4: Nigerians producers want only one group of celebrities to reign forever. Instead of them to look for people like us so we can win something or at least show our self  on TV. They will put people like Busola who is already popular with that programme where she married an Igbo guy and she was/is Yoruba and they are always quarrelling about tribal soup. See people like Uti Nwachukwu. Na big brother bring them out. Why not me. Lol.

5: Nothing last forever. One day you are in big bother naija house enjoying and smooching, the next day you are out miming on wazobia FM.

With the following point of mine I hope I have been able to convince you not confuse you that I love naija.

Are you watching Big brother Naija?
Who is your fave housemate?
What lessons have you learnt so far?

Please don't forget to subscribe, comment and share. I love you for reading and till my next post. XoXo


January 24, 2017

So you know i wrote a post about how I'm trying to find my way. Read it her. So i decided to just go through write ups to get the negativity out and some how I got the feeling off. Who says reading doesn't help. So we all know it's a new year and as bloggers we need serious inspiration to start the year. So i decided to share this blog post ideas i got from a really inspiring blogger and i hope you fjnd it very useful. When you're done reading, I thoroughly encourage you to comment below with your favorite topics so we can all help each other!

1. Write about the moment you realized what your life's purpose/true calling was.
2. Share the inner workings of your favorite hobby.
3. Detail your favorite childhood vacation.
4. Give hacks + tips for someone aspiring to join your career field.
5. Share your religious (or non-religious) experience.
6. Recap your favorite nail polish colors.
7. Do a roundup of your favorite fashion pieces from the season.
8. Try all the Starbucks "rainbow drinks" (pink drink, blue drink, etc.) and do a great big review.
9. Do a recap of your favorite reality shows and why.
10. Or, if you hate reality TV, write a piece about why.
11. Write about why you started blogging, or what your favorite parts of blogging are.
12. Create a review of the last movie you saw.
13. Invent a new series about a topic you love, or a series of everyday lessons you've learned.
14. Reveal the top 15 pieces of wisdom you learned from a grandparent or parent.
15. Form a listicle of your favorite Pinterest beauty DIYs or another favorite topic.
16. Round up your typical beauty routine and your must-have items.
17. Give your tutorial on how you edit your Instagram photos.
18. Highlight all the best things about your favorite sports team (or why you don't watch sports).
19. Publish your favorite cocktail recipe (or refer people to the blog where it can be found).
20. Share your deal breakers in a relationship and why these mean something to you.
21. Craft an open letter to someone who positively (or negatively) impacted your life.
22. Give a play-by-play of an awards show while it's happening and what your reactions are.
23. Compile a round-up of your favorite mobile apps.
24. Suggest the prettiest, most inspirational Instagram feeds that you love following.
25. Dish on your most embarrassing moment! C'mon, we've all had one...
26. Pick one of your most beloved morals and share why this is so dear to you.
27. Write a letter for your future child (or current child).
28. Detail a pet and why they mean/meant so much to you.
29. Explain one of your biggest disappointments or "failures" in life thus far and what you learned from it.
30. List your favorite TED Talk videos and what big picture takeaways you received from each.
31. Create an infographic about something you have expertise in.
32. Highlight your must-have, favorite products of the month.
33. Tell the stories of your most inspirational role models and motivational figures.
34. Advise as to how to throw the raddest party!
35. Compile a list of your all-time favorite podcasts.
36. Share your favorite rainy day (or sunny day) activities.
37. Recap what lessons you've received from your favorite mentor or role model.
38. Write a letter to your younger self with the lessons you wish you could've known.
39. Detail a large project you're currently scheming up.
40. Explain the reasoning behind your blog name and why you blog about what you do.
41. Provide meaning to your family traditions and which traditions you did carry on or wish to carry on in your future.
42. Take a past blog post of yours and chop it up, rewrite it, add to it.
43. Give people ideas on how to get active and avoid technology for at least a little bit.
44. Share what you hope your funeral or celebration of a life will be like, what song you'd like played, who you'd like to speak and why.
45. List your very favorite bloggers (and give the links to their blogs). Remember: #CommunityOverCompetition!
46. Take photos of your favorite room in your space and detail your interior decor choices.
47. Create a freebie to giveaway and use it to gain blog newsletter subscriptions.
48. Do a roundup of your most popular (most commented, most read) older blog posts.
49. Give your best hacks and tips for how you promote your blog and how other newbie bloggers can do the same.
50. Start a book club series and read/review one book each month.

Are you blogging about any of the above? Have more ideas  to add? Please Comment below.

I love you for reading and till my next post. XOXO


December 06, 2016


So Are you are a blogger or mom blogger or just any type of blogger and you haven't figured out or just can’t figure out how to make money with your blog? It is very annoying when you read blog posts or buy
E-books that promise to help you with cash this season and nothing is happening then this post is for you.

I totally feel you. I have been blogging for two years plus so i can tell you that i have had my share of failures, midnights cries, regrets and why did Is which made me really want to share these ways that really work. Ii even shared 2 THINGS I WISH I KNEW ABOUT BLOGGING AS A NEWBIE

I know for a lot of you, your blog is your side hustle and you want to one day say goodbye to that 9-5 job and say hello to blogging full time. So, I'm going to list out 5 practical and smart ways to help you with your blog.  .

These are smart ways. Not the get rich quick ways to make money from home post you might see on the net.  The ways I’m going to list here are the ones that have worked for me.
But before I get into the full list i want you to read HOW TO MAKE EXTRA CASH USING YOUR BLOG

 1. Get Paid to Write a Guest Post

Here in Nigeria, There  are sites that do that like etc so if you are interested please reach out to them and i hear you get paid as much as 5000 naira per post depending on the page views your post gets.

🙂 Usually a unique story does the trick.So if you write something interesting and unique then you are sure of geeting paid from the comfort of your home

If you want to find blogs in a particular niche that pays for guest posts you can just Google it
So try it out and see what blogs you get and don't forget to let others know in the comment section

2. Create Affiliate Links

Can you remember this past Black Friday, A lot of sites were doing cheap sales like konga and jumia and ni know a lot of bloggers like me smiled to the bank. but you can still use your affiliate links this christmas. Why not register now.

3. Create Small Products and sell

If physical marketing is difficult for you and you have something to sell. This is a great way to sell something using your blog or social media account. You don't need to waka about or to stress your fine body with this hot naija sun...who sun epp. With a blog, social media account and internet. you are good to go.

4. Place Your Affiliate Links in Your  Posts

For instance you are doing a product review of A PRODUCT YOU HAVE USED AND REALLY APPRECIATE AND IT WORKED FOR YOU WHY NOT GIVE PEOPLE YOUR affiliate link that way they can buy it easily and it will be delivered to their houses. You see, youn make cash, you are happy and they are satisfied.

5. Offer Your Services

One of the best ways to make income fast is to offer a service. It shows your credibility and can help you grow your blog and brand. What can you do, can you help moms or just people generally with their health, weight, fitness. Are you an expert in something maybe in helping people reach their goals. Why not render your service and get paid for it.


If you try these Tips, I promise you, you will thank me later. Don't forget to subcribe, comment and share. I love you for reading and till my next...XoXo


October 22, 2016

Take Over Tour Abuja 2016 might have come and gone but memories of the premium lifestyle event linger on. The tour which held from September 25th, 2016 to October 9th, 2016 at three different locations in Abuja on three Sundays back to back boasted an exciting line-up which included established and emerging talents from Abuja and North such as MorellLK Kuddy, Tony Wenom, 4Reign, Priceless, Shortcut, Lyrical Dr. Smith, Parousia and many more. The host was no other than amiable OAP; Bigmo of Wazobia FM Abuja.
Take Over Tour Abuja 2016 was the first ever tour in Abuja and North, it was also the first event dedicated solely to promoting Abuja and Northern talents. This reflected in the attendance at the various shows; the tour had in attendance artists and guests from several parts of the North (Jos, Kaduna, Minna, Keffi, Kano), there were also artists who flew in from Lagos to showcase their talents on the platform. The tour presented an avenue for people from all works of life to meet, network, have fun, and eat in a creative atmosphere as the best talents from Abuja and North were on display.

The shows were well attended. The first show held on Sunday, 25th of September 2016 at Playhouse Paintball and Lounge, City Park, Wuse 2, Abuja and it was exciting for the attendees. The venue had a bar, an open cage meant for paintball and beautiful tents scattered around. Gyros2grill and Classic Rock Coffee Company were among the vendors that participated. Morell was the star act and he lit the venue with an electric performance, bringing the entire crowd to a frenzy as he performed his hit songs back to back. The happy crowd reciprocated the love by cheering him all through. He ended his performance with fans favourite ‘Bugatti’ which he came down from the stage to perform and was mobbed by the crowd. In his usual fashion of extending love and support to upcoming acts, before exiting the stage he introduced the crowd to some emerging rappers; Kiid-Pro, Precy Young and Mr. Flex who had joined him on stage during his performance. The crowd also enjoyed performances from ace comedian Shortcut, Tony Wenom and Green Label Entertainment artist; 4Reign.

The second show held on Sunday, 2nd of October 2016 at Corteland Garden, Karu; in the outskirts of town boasting of a large population. A beautiful sunny day changed its face and the rains came down immediately after stage, sound and lighting were set. In the spirit of moving forward against all odds on which the tour is built on, one artist still got to perform while guests who had taken shelter inside the bar and tents around the venue watched and applauded from their stands.

The grand-finale of Take Over Tour Abuja held on Sunday, October 9th 2016 at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi, Abuja. It was a memorable ending to the 3-day event. It boasted of a great technical set-up; a large screen at the centre of the stage acted as backdrop, adding colour to the already colourful venue which had a pool in the middle and seats arranged in style, there were beautiful lighting of different colours all around the venue, and the sound was loud, audible and clear. The beauty of the grand-finale was not just in its ambience but in the quality of the guests from all walks of life who attended. The green carpet which was covered by Arewa24 Channel, Hot FM Abuja, Abuja Pikin TV and Gafiligadoki TV was also a site to behold.

The highlight of the night was the performance of Green Label Entertainment artist 4Reign who stormed the stage with his dancer and hypeman delivering his soon to be released single “Robo Style” to the delight of the crowd. There was also a fashion exhibition and runway and the models were bold enough to walk over a board placed across two lengths of the swimming pool area. The male models were styled by MCK Couture while the female models were styled by rising fashion couture Hoola House. The make-up was done by top Abuja make-up outfit JM’s Brush.

In an interview with the CEO of Green Label EntertainmentKing Akan Nnaemeka Eyo, he expressed his happiness on the success of the event: “I am grateful to God for making this possible, for my efficient team, and for our strong partners who supported us. Special thanks to Sandralia Hotel and Classic Rock Coffee Company for their support. I am happy we made the impact we set out to make despite the fact we had no sponsors. Hopefully, the next Take Over Tour will attract sponsors and stronger partners and will be bigger and better. We are also looking to take the event to other regions in the future.

Top Abuja and Northern media and entertainment personalities were in attendance at the various shows. Worthy mentions include Mr. Solomon (Entertainment Editor, Leadership Newspaper), Nomiis Gee of Arewa24 TV Channel, Mr. Kingsley Amafibe (CEO Peace Achievers Award/Miss Ambassador for Peace Pageant), Hon. Ejiro Okpihwo (CEO Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja), Theo Godson (CEO Theo Godson Company), Prince Frank (CEO Don Fizo Records), Mazi Chinedu Romeo (CEO 41Naija Entertainment), Emma Bricks (CEO Brickswrites), Radio Presenter, Danny Sucre of Hot FM Abuja, popular On-Air-Personality and Comedian Nick B and MC Bob.

The tour lived up to expectations; it boasted of a quality crowd, the technical set up at all the venues (sound, light, stage) was impressive and the artists who graced the Take Over Tour stage also held their own. What the project lacked was sponsors to actualize its goals, the impact was made nevertheless. For those that missed out on this first edition, you need not wait too long as information from the organizers; Green Label Entertainment tells us that another edition will come up in 6 months time.

For more enquiries about Take Over Tour Abuja 2016
Visit website:
Follow on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @takeovertours
Hotline: 09055557778

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