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May 12, 2018

I and my baby had a lot of fun in this video and i hope you enjoy it DOES IT WORK? TESTING THE MINISO ULTRA SONIC FACE CLEANSER: THE NIGERIAN TAG FT JENINENCE: EARRING BY @OYOYOACCESSORIES ON INSTAGRAM check out my last video : SOFT AND YUMMY MOIMOI RECIPE FOR KIDS Do yo have a dry scalp then try this DIY | EASY TO DO HAIR MOISTURIZER: For my pregnant dams or mom in the making then check out WHAT TO EXPECT | DELIVERY IN NIGERIAN HOSPITAL This is my most popular video,...WHY NOT TRY MY SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE | IGBO STYLE RECIPE FOR LUNCH /DINNER: THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG : 2ND VLOG: If you would like a review on your product, do send me an email. 🎉 SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: ♡IF YOU LIKED IT PLEASE THUMBS UP♡ AND SUBSCRIBE Want a specific video or tutorial ? Let me know in the comments babes ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️­­⭐️⭐️⭐️ LET US BE FRIENDS : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:


5 THINGS TO DO/KNOW DURING YOUR MENTRUAL PERIOD 3 APPS TO HELP YOU WITH MENSTRUATION, CHILD SEX AND PREGNANCY Watch my latest vlog here.ABUJA BLOGGERS MEET AND GREET WITH BBNAIJA'S BAMBAM: FUN WORLD | NOVARE GATEWAY MALL LUGBE ABUJA HONEST REVIEW : EASIEST WAY TO LAY YOUR EDGES THE NIGERIAN TAG FT JENINENCE: EARRING BY @OYOYOACCESSORIES ON INSTAGRAM check out my last video : SOFT AND YUMMY MOIMOI RECIPE FOR KIDS Do yo have a dry scalp then try this DIY | EASY TO DO HAIR MOISTURIZER: For my pregnant dams or mom in the making then check out WHAT TO EXPECT | DELIVERY IN NIGERIAN HOSPITAL This is my most popular video,...WHY NOT TRY MY SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE | IGBO STYLE RECIPE FOR LUNCH /DINNER: THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG : 2ND VLOG: If you would like a review on your product, do send me an email. 🎉 SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: ♡IF YOU LIKED IT PLEASE THUMBS UP♡ AND SUBSCRIBE Want a specific video or tutorial ? Let me know in the comments babes ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️­­⭐️⭐️⭐️ LET US BE FRIENDS : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:


April 10, 2018


March 19, 2018


  This is how i painlessly detangle my toddlers hair to avoid breakage. I have been doing this method since she was a baby and it has helped to keep her hair moisturized and in hair growth.


check out my last video : SOFT AND YUMMY MOIMOI RECIPE FOR KIDS Do yo have a dry scalp then try this DIY | EASY TO DO HAIR MOISTURIZER: For my pregnant dams or mom in the making then check out WHAT TO EXPECT | DELIVERY IN NIGERIAN HOSPITAL This is my most popular video,...WHY NOT TRY MY SIMPLE NIGERIAN YAM PORRIDGE | IGBO STYLE RECIPE FOR LUNCH /DINNER: THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG : 2ND VLOG: If you would like a review on your product, do send me an email. 🎉 SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: ♡IF YOU LIKED IT PLEASE THUMBS UP♡ AND SUBSCRIBE Want a specific video or tutorial ? Let me know in the comments babes ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️­­⭐️⭐️⭐️ LET US BE FRIENDS : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A: Blog : Facebook ; Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:


January 22, 2018

Heloo damsels.... So today I"ll be recognizing our moms out here who are putting in all the work for our darling kids. It's not easy o. I must say, any body that tells you it is is a bloody liar.

So I'm sure most moms of boys can relate to this post. You know how when you deliver and you "call someone to tell the great news and they ask you wetin you born? and you are like "BOY" and you hear things like "weldone o"." una don try". "Ah, nah now you come" and I'm like what the f*** and now it's as if i have made it my life goal to educate people on the importance of a female child sometimes i get the "what the f*** is this one even saying' and sometimes some pretend to understand and you can see that look of " DEY THERE MAKE PANT DEY WEAR YOU" or " YOU GET LUCK SAY YOU BORN BOY, IF NOT, YOU FOR KNOW WHERE YOUR MOUTH DEY WINE DEY GO" 

Meanwhile, this post is not to say which one is better or to throw shade, It's just to have fun and somehow have a good laugh.


When people start hailing your husband, Like "bros you fire well"....ahah which kin talk is that so there is a seperate firing for boy and girl. I can remember when i was already pregnant but i haven't told my parents yet and my mom sent me a text one cozy night to tell me the style i should do to have a baby boy. I and hubby laughed loud and till today, he thinks my parents are just firers.

Every body starts telling you how you are now a real wife of the family( na now you done) what does that even mean. So i no done before.

After all the i have born labor jubilation and the second thing that comes to mind is the pain of circumcision. Is it just me but i almost had high blood pressure thinking about it from the day the scan came out BOY. after screaming my lungs out at ECHO SCAN at Garki, i realized my self and was like. " baby (me talking to hubby) so we will now do him circumcision. I couldn't bear it and on that day, i cried like i was the one going through the pain. I nearly didn't go through with it until i saw how his peepee looked and then i fainted , woke up and gave up.

When your son is not as rough as the way you hear stories of boys and you are like he might be a sissy. Most times when women make this comment like, i want him to be a manly man. I'm like the struggle is real.

And when you see your boy playing around or with a cute girl and you are like, Go Ife, Go Ife Go Ife. but if it's your girl, you will turn to monitoring spirit/detective/prayer warrior. ( I do that for Jina)

Can you relate to any of these. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this post and add yours too if you have any.  Don't forget to comment, share and subscribe. I love you for reading and till my next post




January 12, 2018
So for the longest time, i have been wanting to do this post shame no let me. I didn't want to seem cheap or penniless especially living in this part of Nigeria. Like i said in my other post...I'll try my best to be my real self so everyone can relate better. So today i'll be doing a post on how to thrift shop for your baby girl. It will be like a three series post. So subscribe to be notified as soon as it drops. 

What I love most about thrifting is the loads of different things that will normally be expensive but you can get for a penny and the fact that you can get unique pieces that no one else will probably have. I get some of my kids clothes from thrifting (bend down select ) which is mostly in the market. So I'll share some  general guide for thrift shopping and then the tips i use when shopping for jina. So whether you’re a mom or just a girl looking for ideas, this can be very helpful to you too.

Have an open mind But always know what you are looking for
Go early: What i do is pick a day that i am not busy at all and i go as early as possible so i can be more selective of what i want to buy and If I don't find what i'm looking for, I don't get discouraged. I just inquire, exchange numbers with the sellers and they call me whenever they are opening a bale and i also go frequently. Remember to always buy a good grade of clothes, even though we are doing cheap, it doesn't mean we should do scraggy.
Now For my baby girl

I do lots of fun color. I literally was playing with colors when she was younger but now i know what she likes, I tilt towards it. You don't have to buy everything of the same color but let it show that that's her fave color. 

Jeans, They are a must have for my daughter because i love them and i think she does too. it goes with any and every thing and this little girl mom jeans is some thing i can"t wait to style.on her.
Be intentionally: Like i literally style every piece in my head before buying them. So if I'm buying a skirt, i already have a top or blouse in my head that she can wear it with and i try as much as possible to buy things that describes her personality cause as an entertainer she has to look the part. 

Look for their fave cartoon characters or superheros: Like it sparks them up. I always see the joy in Jina's eyes when i buy Sofia's top or Dora's tees. 

Pay attention to details: This is very important to me cause most times you find that after you leave the shop or the market, you will now see one k leg and that can be so annoying. So what i do is settle down, sit on the floor if need be(mostly in the market) and check them out one after the other to make sure it works and doesn’t have any blemishes or holes before I buy them.
HAVE FUN while doing it. It's not that serious and at the end, you will be glad you did cause you get good quality for very little price. 

I buy mostly from KARMO OR GOZA here in Abuja. Contact me let's plan a thrift date together in Abuja. 
Where do you do your thrifting so others can have ideas
What are your tips for thrift shopping

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comment below and also share so others can benefit from it. Remember to share this post and I love you for post and till my next post.



September 19, 2017

Dear Diary,

I definitely need a little break from waking up every morning to take care of my daughter and taking her to school. Just 1 year ago, i couldn't wait to send her off. In my mind she was disturbing me and i needed the space. So when I decided to take her to pre school, i was so happy, I started to make a list of what had to go in her bag. I mean, it’s not a do or die affair, but if I forgot some things, and then they call me from school to remind me.  It makes me feel bad.  As a second time mom, I’ve learned that after you tell your self one million times not to forget anything or remind yourself of the things to carry out. I still tend to forget. And because i mostly forget the important things like her cutlery, i just respected myself and today, i decided to write them down and share with you guys.


This is the most important of them all in my opinion, unless you plan on receiving calls from the child's teacher or turning your child to a longa longa. Although my daughter doesn't always finish her food. I always make sure i put enough cause it's better for the child to remain than to want more. And there are really a lot of cheap things you can pack for your kids and they are pretty easy to prepare.  check out SISIYEMMIE.COM for easy meal ideas for your child. And of course this will be packed in a lunch bag. 


I can remember forgetting to put jina's spoon in her bag and immediately she saw me, the first thing she said was why didn't i put her spoon with sadness written all over her face. I can only imagine how she felt when she didn't see it. So make sure it's something you don't ever forget. 


This is very important especially if your child is still a toddler. Who else hates it when you dress up your child looking beautiful to school, then she comes back looking very messy. i hate hate it so i make sure i have a bib that covers a reasonable part of her uniform so it there is no messing up of anything. 


Who else just loves face towel. i love it so much especially a white or pink face towel designed with flowery things. This is very necessary for  wiping away any remnant of food. That face needs to be pretty and clean.


Wipes are a necessity....I don't like my kids bum to be wiped with tissue cause sometimes, these schools use tough tissues and my daughter's skin is delicate so i don't want any roughness added to it. The ones she has don belle full me. You can use also it on the face whenever you forget the face towel. So it's a buy one use for

Jina has this thing that she reacts to small bites and just grass and others. So i always wear her pop socks. Don't blame me, it's pretty too.  Try pop socks for your princesses and it helps with cold. So win win
Hey DAM Fam–What other items should you pack when taking toddler to school?
Have you seen my last's an opportunity to see it


Don't forget to comment, share and subscribe to my channel. I always love you for reading and till my next post...


June 14, 2017
Hello beauties, so today i decided to write on my blog (drum rolls please) yea I have been concentrating on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and i have done so many amazing videos and the response is unbelievable so my blogging has being on hold. So for those who missed me...i'm back..I'll be posting here too at least once a week. So I did a post on GO CHEAP WITH PEARS BABY LOTION and realized that I'm supposed to have done this first. Choosing your baby cream is very important as a new mom or just a mom in general. And I know how annoying it is to buy a cream and it doesn't perform or just wasn't right for your baby's skin. So here are some of the things, you should consider and I hope you find it very helpful


 Budget: This is the first thing you should consider before choosing  a baby cream. In this case follow follow isn't allowed because you don't want to be having high blood pressure whenever your baby's cream finishes. I see a lot of moms being worried because their baby's cream will finish soon. So you have to know your pocket and know what you can afford so that even in recession you will be able to close eye and buy it.


Survey: In as much as you want to watch your pocket, you also have to ask questions o. Its not just to buy  any thing you see, NOOOOOO and not just one or two people but as many moms as you can ask. This will help you to know the one that is good, bad and even affordable. Cause sometimes you go to the market and when they notice you are a newbie. They will try to increase the prices or when you hear price, your heart will just be doing you gbim gbim like me  and nothing is as painful as when you and some moms are discussing and you ask how much they bought a certain cream and they say 1500 naira meanwhile you bought yours 4500 naira.


Consider your Baby's skin. This one works when your lil one is already here. For my case Jina's skin was very sensitive so I had to later change her cream twice and finally opted for one which works perfectly.


Weather: This our weather is somehow now so we have to be careful in choosing our little one's cream...yes it's very important to consider weather. If it's hot, you choose something mild and not too sticky. You know sometimes baby go just dey cry cry and us mothers will be quick to say na so him dey do/cry is what we applied on him that's making him/her to be uncomfortable and fussy
 ( NOT IN ALL CASES). So for dry weather, use something oily or you can mix the body lotion and an oil/butter like Shea 


Natural or .  .very important. So before you give birth, you have asked all  your questions and done your survey and checked your budget and so on and so forth. Now what do you want. Ask your self these questions.

Do you want to use things like Shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc. ?

Have you seen anyone that has used it before and it  worked?

Do you like the smell. This is not a joke o cause some moms will use Shea butter and start complaining about the smell.

Will you be able to make it yourself or buy from retailers?

So you have to be sure if you want to go natural which is the best option cause at the long run your child skin will just be looking like soft bread or you want to go the other way.

Remember not to completely dry baby's skin before applying cream. just dab the towel on them and apply cream., The remaining water will help the cream penetrate into the skin.

So what do you use for your baby's skin?
What would you recommend?
What are the pros and cons?
Do you have any more things to add, please do cause we nor dey learn finsih

Please let us know in the comment section. As always we are all learning everyday.

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I love you for reading and till my next post



November 17, 2016

Hello mamasitas. How y'all doing....sorry I have being MIA but Itw my business o. OMG it's like I should take a week off everything, husband,  kids,  business etc. I really need a trip. Ideas please.  Oh I didn't tell you but for those of you following me on facebook know that I now have a clothing business which is online and offline but mainly off line.  Yes I sell fairly used clothes or just call it OK.  and it's been seriously hectic.  Waking up taking care of everything and preparing to go to the shop isn't really a thing but I really appreciate God for bringing us this far.  So if you are interested please patronise your sister so the ministry can move.
I sell bras,  cotton nighties,  kiddies and baby shoes

So today's post is to guide you or give you some tips on how to care for your kids/toddlers/infants skin this hamattan period

1: Do not dry out the skin after bath.  Use a clean towel and pat dry and do not rub.  You don't want the skin to break out

2: Ditch the lotions and creams for now.  No don't throw then away just keep it aside for now and go back to your oila and petroleum jelly like Vaseline.  This will help keep the skin soft and nourish and also make the skin shine and since you are not drying out the skin in the first place, you do not need so much. This can also be applied on the lips to keep it soft too.

3: Wear them pop socks, leggings and long trousers especially for the older kids .  Depending on how old your child is you have to wear them things that will help retain moisture.  You know this period everywhere is annoyingly are dry and if you expose their skin,  it will definitely dry out. Another thing is for those of us that our kids are very active, it helps prevent wounds, scratches and injuries.

4: Wear them coveralls. This is very importance especially for toddlers infants and babies. This will also help retain moisture and prevent the skin for breaking.

What other tips do you have.  Please share with us in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post.  xoxo


October 28, 2016

Hello daisies...Howdy, when you saw the post title i know the first thing that came to your mind is that it's bad but somehow it isn't. Can you remember back in the day when you just do one small thing at home or in school and your mom wants to gist  that mistakenly ask her, she will over exaggerate it. For instance you took 15th out of 76 students (see the gap o) and someone asks your mom what the problem is and she starts like this

adanna has killed me o, after, spending 20, 000 for school fees and all those other things that if she doesn't get she will die, she will never let us rest us rest o, everyday they said we should buy ruler, they said we should buy pencil. When her mates were reading she was buying pencil and ruler now see how she has wasted all our efforts and money. eh ya madam what did she do exactly, she took last in class o, when  her mates were taking first second and third she was there looking for 15th to carry and come and show us. Those people carrying 1st do they have...wait madam did she carry last or's better he had carried last now so we will all rest. This girl blah blah blah
 OR IS IT WHEN As a boarding house student, you misplace your uniform  or day wear and after much lying, explaining, convincing and begging so they can sew a new one and your parents finally agree and your mom takes you to the market and the following conversation occurs....

madam how much that yellow check material, na 220 naira per yard...ah ah i buy am 150 nah...madam when be that..e don reach like 3 months wey we sell 15o we even sell 130 self but things don add money....Your mother turn to you and drags your ear, you see what you have cause...every term sew me uniform, you will be dashing people your uniform, father christmas, the small money i wan to add and buy provisions i will use it and be buying cloth for you...i will rmove this money from your pocket money. Then the seller replies, madam take am easy na small girl and your mom replies: why she no go be small girl when you wan sell market. Then you will now carry your over sabi mouth and add: Mummy take it easy please...common close your your dirty mouth before i shut it up for you, if i hear peem eh..i will flog you in this market..stupid girl...
 Oh my God i saw this kind s of things wella...yes i was that girl who always losses her uniform every term but as i got older things changed. Back to my post so Jina scribbled on her home work and i was upset when hubby came back, I started reporting her before i realized my self. I have added all the jara in this world to the story then i stopped and remembered my mom. So after all she's not wrong maybe that's what all moms have in common. Even up till now if my mom calls me once and you don't pick she will call my older ones and tell them she has been calling me since morning and I'm not picking. Now i can relate but then i used to be mad.

How did your mom report you to your dad or siblings?
Do you do same to your kids?
How would you say kids like me back then should be treated or corrected?

I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO


September 19, 2016

Hello mamasitas, howdy, so i am really working on writing short but very useful post except it just has to be long or I'm moved by the spirit. So today i was packing IFE'S bag and thought and was almost angry with my self that i haven't shared important things to pack in your baby's outing bag. I hope i'm not late and this helps a mom out there who has either BEING confused or still searching for tips.


Vaseline or any bum cream you choose to use but i highly recommend vaseline
Flannel minimum of 2
Face towel
Feeding Bottles
Extra clothes
Paracetamol: for caution
Breast pump and bottles

Now this depends on baby's needs, age, where you are going or how long you plan to stay for. This is just the basic things you need any other thing that you need specially.

I talked about 10 BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHBOX IDEAS for your toddlers
And if you are looking for good schools in Abuja please CHECKLIST FOR GOOD SCHOOLS IN ABUJA

picture credit
I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO


September 15, 2016
Hello mamasitas... So today's post is really brief and helpful. So I realized many of us that have kids going to school or just starting like moi can sometimes get stuck in preparing meals for school....I hope this tips help and please any more ideas are welcome.


Rice, it can be jollof, fried, coconut, basmati. Any one your little ones like and the way they like it and make it as presentable as possible... You don't want your kids to be odd.

Paste: this can be noodles, macaroni, spaghetti and you can serve this sauce,stews or in jollof form.

Yam, Plantain,  Potatoes: It can be fried, roasted, boiled or baked...whichever one suits you.


Small chops
Toasted bread


Chopped water melon
Chopped Pineapple


Natural fruit juice (highly recommended)
Drinks like caprisonne, ribena, lucozade boost

When handling food, always wash your hands, make sure you pack what your kids like that way they will want to eat it and not bring it back hone and make you worried.
Any more ideas please  add in the comment box. I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO

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