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March 22, 2017

Hello beauties, so today I decided to do a jewelry haul. It was actually supposed to be a video but it didn't work out so why not do it here.  It's the first time I'm calling it a haul.  Yes I used to call it buys like MY NOVEMBER CHEAP BUYS but now I'm tushing up and hauling up. So these jewelries are from Wuse market. Read what I wrote about 6 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU WILL FIND IN WUSE MARKET, ABUJA And I'll say they are very cheap and gorgeous.
So this is a stud which i got for 200 naira. this is like an everyday earring, makes your look cool, simple and young.  

So this is my favorite and you won't believe i got this for 400 naira, it's a tear drop earring and can be worn for weddings, anniversaries, dinners etc you get the gist. 
I don't know what to call this one but it stone studded and gorgeous. This can be worn as a bride, a guest and for events like anniversaries, dinners etc. 
So this choker is very random but yet fabulous. the choker can be worn with a casual dressing and also when you want to glam up. So win win and it's very cheap 500 naira only
The wrist watch, which i got for 1000 naira. the wrist watch is a knock off but i bought it so i can have a mix. i normally wear more expensive ones but realised i sometime even wear these expensive ones to pick jina up or to the market.  

So this one is also one of my favorite, only because I love this type of earrings and when it is filled with sparkles. Then it's amazing. I got this for about 700 naira.( not sure of the price) and it's pretty affordable for how it looks. 

Which was your favortie jewellry?
Do you buy jewelries from Wuse market, Abuja.?

I hope you enjoyed my first official haul and I hope you also go check out Wuse market. There are so many affordable and beautiful things you can buy there. Don't forget to subscribe, share and comment. I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO

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