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December 01, 2017
My Nigerian CRAYFISH JOLLOF RICE is so delicious that i had to share it with you and i hope you enjoy it as much as we do in the CRIB.

How do you make your Jollof Rice???

What I Used:
4 Cups of Rice, washed
Chopped Onion
Water Salt (Depending on your taste)
2 Seasoning Cubes (Depending on your taste)
Dried Pepper
Vegetable Oil

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I love you guys for watching and till my next video....xoxo


August 24, 2016
Hello beautiful moms so i decided to do a collaboration with Kiddiesplate, who is a mom chef and since i am a mom blogger i decided why not post kids recipes for those moms like me who sometimes don't know what and what to give their kids....Hope you find this both useful and satisfying especially for your little one. 

Homemade chicken broth

1 big chicken breast or 2 drum stick
500ml Water
Pinch of salt(for 12+)
Onions powder

Cook the chicken till tender,add water if need be.sieve the water to remove remains of chicken, voila! You have your homemade chicken broth you can check previous post for veggie broth. You can use the broth for your 7m+ kids....use it for foods like this mash potatoes,beans etc. 

Please check her out. This is her Instagram link: KIDDIESPLATE


Heloooooo mumsies, wifies, aunties.....happy Wednesday to you all, it's just raining one kin one kin lightly but continuously...It's this kind of rain that makes one not go out and think of goat meat pepper soup...yea, goat meat....So today i decided to do this review on this ROYCO GOAT MEAT SEASONING....and i am happy i am doing this. I know some of you already know it but for those who don't....then continue reading and thank me later for the introduction by commenting....So i was just jejely shopping in NEXT CASH AND CARRY KADO i say let me go and buy huggies for jina o from there i started adding other things small small and as i was just going through the spices section my eyes just waka see this seasoning and i remembered it from my uni days...Some one was cooking and i and i and some friends started perceiving goat meat, see us envying the person only for us to find out it was just seasoning. That's to show you that the smell no be here o....It can travel far and wide and it's amazeballs.    
I saw only them in this small packs so i got two for about 250-300 or so....and i have never really seen it in a bigger pack but i am ok that i even saw it at all. Do you know that there are only 25 pieces inside but just one piece goes a long way even though i use two....I used it for my oha soup yesterday and jollof rice this morning and i am so glad i did cause hubby enjoyed it and lick plate. 
So will i buy it again, hell yeah i will cause it's just one those kitchen seasoning if you start buying na you go tire and people will alway compliment your food cause not only does it smell nice but your food will taste delish....I nearly forgot there is an ogbono soup recipe on the pack so for those of us looking to learn, it's just at your beck and call....but i don't know if it's different recipes to different packs or ogbonno soup recipe come in all pack. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and enjoyed using it. I love you for reading and till my next post...xoxo

Price: 2 packs for about 300 naira
Size: 100g of 25 cubes


August 18, 2016
Hello beauties, today's videos. I'll be showing you how to take off the peel of beans very easily whenever you want to prepare akara, moimoi or beans pancakes... It's very easy to do and you don't spent so much time...

P.S: soak your beans for at least 1hr before you do it so it the peelw can come off easily and quickly.

Things I used:

Beans: 2 butter cups
Medium sized Sieve
A bowl

I hope this was very helpful to you. Please let me know of anymore videos you will love to see and I'll be glad to share.

I love you for watching and till my next post.... XOXO


July 28, 2016

Hello beauties, howdy and hope your week is going g well. So I have been busy, did I tell u IFE had stuffy nose which didn't allow him to sleep or feed well and it has lasted over 2-3weeks now. Nothing is working. We have tried steam method, nasal drop and nebulizing and nothing seem to work. But I know with God all things are possible so I am resulting to prayer. After all it's the master key. So back to this deliciousness. True true, I didn't plan to post this here. It was supposed to be on Instagram but I thought of you my ride or die readers and decided to bring it here too. So follow me on Instagram @DIARYOFANABUJAMOM so you will get this kind of recipes as soon ad they are posted... Please grab a glass of smoothie and continue reading..
P.S: if you are into weight watching , this is very healthy so no fear and cook to your family size or your belle.


Cow head
Kanda/ pomor
1 full Titus iced fish
Fresh and dry pepper 
Palm oil or tumeric powder

First of all wash all the washables with salt water. You know our food handlers are careless and dirty at times.
Chop the okro
Slice the pepper
Use mortar to pound some crayfish and onion

Pre boil your cow head cause it can be strong, you don't want it to be un chewable. I used pressure cooker, if you don't have use the normal everyday pot.

Steam your beef, pomor, oporoko together.
Add onions, dry pepper and seasoning, mix together. No salt yet. 

Cook till done, add your Titus fish both smoked and iced then add little salt and cook for about 1-2minutes

In a separate pot, allow to dry, add little palm oil when it's a little bit hot add your pounded onion  mix and sliced red peppers.

Stir together for about a minute and add your chopped okro

Stir together for 3 minutes and add your steamed meat combo
Cook for 5 minutes, add your periwinkles. Taste for salt and if the pepper is to your preference.
Cook for about 1-2 minutes and its ready for warking.

I didn't add vegetable cause I just wanted that crunchy okro feel but you can add green, ugu, bitter leaf or whatever you like and you mustn't use everything that I used, you can reduce hand, don't use some things or use more. Na your money and appetite go determine wetin you want

Serve with akidi, semi, garri, foofoo, pounded yam and a chilled drink. Thank me later. I hope you enjoy making this as I did. I love you for reading and till my next post XOXO

I have written an okro soup recipe and i realised that it wasn't properly done so i decided to wite this more elaborate one, let me know which one recipe you prefer. See link here: FOOD: TITUS FISH OKRO SOUP


July 08, 2016
Hi moms and moms to be and baby sitters and aunts and anyone who basically takes care of or cooks for kids. So this is not a recipe per say cause i know you guys can obviously fry potatoes, it's just the way to do it so your toddler can enjoy it especially if he selects food or doesn't chew well.
We all know that potatoes are one those foods that come out sweeter when fried but my secret to making it sweetest is after chopping it this way, add water enough to just cover the potatoes, add salt, a little bit over and keep in the fridge or freezer for like 3-5 minutes and then fry, oh my God you will enjoy it so much, you fit craze for potatoes,  I didn't used to be a potato fan before, but when i dd this and it worked, i just couldn't stop frying and getting fat...God help me!!!i need prayers, i am gaining weight. This recipe is really really simple so i will simply break it down and the pictures will speak for themselves so just watch and learn
Fry your potatoes in hot oil, not so hot so it can cook inside.
Fry till done, i like mine a little more brown 
Place your kitchen towel in a flask or dip plate
Add your potatoes in the flask or dip something you like
Cover it and leave it for 3-5 minutes cause you don't want it to get cold...I love mine still hot or at least warm
What it does is that the heat now cooks it so the inside is very soft and the outside is still fried....Jina loves this so much with fired Titus fish. I hope your toddler enjoys it too and you enjoy it too. Do you have other tips for this recipe or any other recipe to share, please share to us...Moms and those interested in working with me by writing with me, sending me write ups please CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN BE FEATURED and CLICK HERE FOR COLLABORATIONS AND GIVEAWAYS I love you for reading and till my next post...XOXO


June 24, 2016
Hi beauties, How are you guys today so our light has really improved o even though the bill this phcn abi na NEPA people bring is outrageous. I am actually typing this by 01:03am because I can't sleep. So I wanted to at least do something than being idle and start thinking bad bad things now. Lol. Is anyone awake with me.
So this recipe is really really simple and me I don't have time for 10 hours cooking so let's do this sharp sharp. If you have questions, ask in the comment box and I'll reply asap.

Okazi (afang)
Goat meat
Titus fish( mackerel)
Yellow and red peppers
Periwinkles (isam)
Kanda (pomo)
Stockfish (oporoko)


* Wash all your meat, fish, stockfish, kanda, periwinkles.
* I pounded the crayfish, peppers and onions together.
* Chopped my okazi leaf
* Blended my egusi.


I added the meat and kanda in a pot, added my seasoning, dried pepper and chopped onions.
******note that I didn't add salt.

I allowed to steam for a while and added my stockfish.
When it was done, I added my fresh titus fish and smoked titus fish.

I allowed to cook for about 3 minutes.

I added palm oil to my frying pan, when it was hot enough for me i put some chopped onions and the egusi.

I fried for about a minute and then added it to my pot of meat and things.

I added the grounded combo( pepper, crayfish and onions). Stirred them gently to avoid breaking the fish, added salt and allowed to cook for a while then I added my okazi leaf and periwinkle.
****notice it's now I added the salt.

I left it to cook for 3minutes and brought it down..its a very quick dish even if you are in a hurry and if you follow my recipe then am sure it will taste good.

I served Hubby's own with foofoo and he ate two whole molds but I ate mine with semo but you can serve yours with any swallow of your choice. I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy cooking....and don't forget no burning o....
I love you for reading and till my next post. 


April 07, 2016
So people, i am excited today cause of three things. I have worked on my blog schedule, my only prayer is for me to follow it diligently, loosened my Ghana weaving and also strolled around my estate today, even though Jina slowed me down cause i had to walk with her. I am feeling a bit light after the small walk...abi na my brain..

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