February 20, 2018

Hello dams, Happy Monday.  Today's post is on how we can save as moms and wives, Money is not easy to get these days and anyway you can save if not for anyone but yourself, we have to do it. So these are my tips and i hope you find them helpful.

PLAN:  This is really easy but not easy. I was a victim to this where I just spend without any plan and by the end of the day, I am complaining like person follow me chop the money. So planning is necessary. You can do this by writing down a list of what you want and breaking them down into most important to least important. That way you can plan your cash.

BUY IN BULK: For mums like me who it annoys to buy 5 pieces of plantain for 500 naira  while you can buy a bunch of over 20 pieces for 800-1200. Please just be buying in bulk especially if you have  light in this our naija. This saves you a lot of bucks and reduces stress. If you are in Abuja.These are MARKETS YOU CAN BUY CHEAP FOODSTUFFS IN ABUJA

RE SELL: Ah is this important someone may ask. it is o. Can you imagine something of say 50k like car seat or swing and after a year you don't have use for it and you will now leave it and after a while it will now spoil. Please sell it. somebody need it and you need money!!!.  OLX, JIJI  and co are great platforms to make such things easy for us (i use OLX). So don't waste your things and it will give you extra cash even though you will sell it for a lower price. ( at least it is better than nothing)

DO IT YOURSELF: There is a wall decor, i did by my self and put it in the entrance of my house and the feed back was  great when it was new and i did it as a newbie without having and idea. Instead of buying say wall decor why not do it your self. It helps you save cash and gives you satisfaction. Yummymumlife and BYTONYE are  also great Nigerian DIY BLOGGERS. So check them out for tips .

DO THE NECESSARY: Just like planning. don't be like my before self that will just be buying and doing things unnecessarily. Haba, i can buy 5 hair products that i may not use in months just because cash dey my hand., So it is important to plan and then do the necessary things.

USE ALTERNATIVES: Alternative here means, For me i have been buying this fine sponge for place and the role is 1000 naira for years but growing up my mum used to cut up garri bag and we used to feel like she was too local. Now i do same cause that sponge is dang expensive and doesn't last at all. while my garri bag sponge is lasting and it has saved me 1000, i can put in other things. This goes for a lot of things like HOW TO THRIFT SHOP FOR YOUR BABY GIRL . Just figure out which ones needs to go so you can bring in alternatives.
this fabulous purse was thrifted

Did you enjoy this post, why not give me a feed back and also share to other mums so they can klearn a thing or two.

I love you for reading and till my next post.


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