February 08, 2018

So I'm having this 8 days of val's series in which i will be posting everyday till vals. So I'm hoping i live up to the task. This post is in collab with AFRIKANRISING.COM , So I'm opening this series with this post just cause I feel like we always mistakenly do some things that really make things dry on valentine day and somehow we blame our hubby for it. Now I'm not about the everyday is vals day BS cause i feel like people that put that day aside have brian so don't come for me. I'm a lover girl and love the specialness, val's day have. so lets get to it. Don't foget to check out my post 5 ACCESORIES IDEAS TO MOM SLAY THIS VALENTINE
“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

Don't make it about the family: you have loved your kids from birth (after all there is children's day, so children on that day) till now so one day every year for you and hubby isn't asking for too much. Its a lovers day people, Luvaaaaaa's day so it's not children's day, family day or your day, it for both of you. Make it as memorable as possible. 

Be intentional in  your plan: It can be overwhelming but whatever plan you have make sure it reeks of love. whether it's staying in or going out. Don't come and be doing mama ma things or just complaining about your prep. ..

Make do with what you have. AH this is important o. It's not a do or die affair. You mustn't buy new clothes or spend so much. What ever your pocket says follow it. After all it's one day. After that day don't come and borrow money form me o. lol. You can just plan a date night where you stay in and play games, tell each other how much you love them and have lots of sex or just out. Movies are included too. But let your pocket advise you.

Make something special especially if you are staying in. Not the norm, for my Nigerian beauties, make those things you would normally go out to eat or better still buy them and organise them in such a manner that it looks sumptuous and appealing. A lot of places now in Abuja are doing sales on special food orders. do your research or better still learn recipes form FOODACE or DOONEY'S KITCHEN 

Be sexy, sweet, sensual, flirty, cuddly, risque, slinky cause at the end of the day, you may just be having sex. But above all be you with an intention to make your day special...

I hope this post was very helpful. Don't forget to comment, share and subscribe. I love you for reading and till my next post.


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