February 06, 2018

HEY damsels . How are y'all doing so today's post is dear to my heart just because i have seen and i have heard and i have also conquered. you feel me.😄😄

SO today's post is just to encourage as well as help you slay this val's day with your hubby or your bae. I hear especially women make it look like as soon as you are married then everything ends. My dear its doesn't, to me it's the beginning of a new phase. Your husbands are complaining o. I hear things like my wife used to be so so and so but now she only just ties wrapper, leave her hair haggard and doesn't even bath for days and it is heart breaking that young girls have join the gang. But from today it will stop o, no buts or later so read to the end.

Your presentation matter alot, how you look, carry yoiur self and talk. People that know me personally know i love to look my best but thats me but for those of us that it doesnt come naturally to, it's time to slay your game up. make sure you thank me later.

Most of this peices are from @oyoyoaccessories  and oyoyobags on instagram. So check it out and there's 5% off for you all coming from here.

So my work now is to give you ideas that can help you slay that day and make your hubby want you more and more and more. winks.

This type of  statement  earring can make to fulfill your cravings. With this earring you can be assured that your work in the other room must happen and i love how big it is and how the twisting is just exceptional. With this who needs a neck piece.

These ones are just a must have. You know that feeling when you didnt want to wear a wrist watch but your hands are bare so you need some thing really fancy but classy. Then go with something like this. You can never do wrong with it. So you can wear this without a wrist watch but still feel fabulous. 

 Who said i don't have eyes for better thing. This was actually thrifted and i love love love but with a purse like this, the way your head will be swelling eh. In your mind all the girls are jealousliseeing you. But really you need a very good clutch to make your val's day outfit complete.

And of course a wristwatch to make sure you are just on time for dinner, movies, and the main thing. Very essential and i like them big cause i feel like, on their own they are making heavy statements.

And lastly a rose to feel special. Oh how i love love and valentine day. I know some people that will low key say everyday is val's day but will still want some special treatment on val's day.

Do you love valentine day? 

what was your fave piece here? 

Todays bible quote

Yes, you have waited for too long for your miracle! That doesnt disprove the fact that God is good! He's never too late; and he knows the right time to act! Can you still trust him.

Listening to: Shaggy's "It wasn't me"
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