January 11, 2018
It's already the 11th day of the month and I have been so scared of putting down something. Like what will I write, who will even read it. People are already over me. These were my thoughts for the past 2 months. Negativity is the killer of dreams. On the 1st, one of the my prayers was to give me loads of inspiration and luckily for me, I started getting lots of it from @drapedinbasics, @larisafleur, @sarahaudu and @uzzymami too. I was real inspired by this ladies even though i am older than them .covering face.

Like i seriously had a talk with my self. DEKA  WHO ARE YOU?
WHAT ARE YOU KNOWN FOR  not JUST WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU FOR and then it sank in. I have been doing it all wrong, Trying to be someone I'm not and trying so hard to be perfect. So I always felt like it just had to be mom things and recipes since my name is DIARY OF AN ABUJA MOM but now I know it has to be me after all it's my dairy.

SO I'M ALL ABOUT, love, family, pink, lights, white, fashion, gold, beauty, thrifting but in my own way after all it's my diary☺. I'll be a year older on the 14th and I'm so proud of me now. willing to learn , listen, more patient, more careful{used to be sendless and annoyingly daring} more realistic and more me...Every pic here represents my me, my heart, my passion, my soul....

DETERMINED to be more productive and not just the i will, i will girl or the one that wants to soar but afraid to fly. To see my natural curl cause i feel they will be so beautiful (been transitioning for like 7 months) product recommendation please.

GLAD that I'm finally accepting the real me and just following my instincts and not blaming people for my failure so whatever you see here is the real me and i promise to make it worth your while.

APPRECIATING all the people that have met me in person and said to me. I love your spirit even though at first you seem like a snub but when i talk to you, you are so fun and remind me of so so and so friend or sister or cousin and people who truly follow my blog and you tube channel {will be on hold to really find my voice}. I see you all and love you to the moon and back.

LOVING my hubby more cause he is getting me now and really even looking for ways i can be better in this dream of mine. Like buying me this Samsung camera even when i didn't understand the usefulness of it.

LISTENING to all the oldies that made me want to grow up and meet my prince charming. by FABULOUS, TUFACE, R-KELLY, ASHANTI, P-DIDDY, AKON, MARIO WINANS, NE YO, NEW EDITION  and some recent songs by CUPPY and TECNO, JHENE AIKO, SAM SMITH, PHYNO, RIHANNA that are really just bossing my brains. ( lol)

So this is it guys. Hope this was a great read for you cause i enjoyed putting it down and baring my heart. Don"t forget to tell me what your beginning of the year has been . I always love you for reading and till my next post...


This is me wrapped in a flatlay

Do we have something in common. Let me know in the comment below and I'll reply you asap cause I love reading from you guys. It legit makes me happy....

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