January 12, 2018
So for the longest time, i have been wanting to do this post shame no let me. I didn't want to seem cheap or penniless especially living in this part of Nigeria. Like i said in my other post...I'll try my best to be my real self so everyone can relate better. So today i'll be doing a post on how to thrift shop for your baby girl. It will be like a three series post. So subscribe to be notified as soon as it drops. 

What I love most about thrifting is the loads of different things that will normally be expensive but you can get for a penny and the fact that you can get unique pieces that no one else will probably have. I get some of my kids clothes from thrifting (bend down select ) which is mostly in the market. So I'll share some  general guide for thrift shopping and then the tips i use when shopping for jina. So whether you’re a mom or just a girl looking for ideas, this can be very helpful to you too.

Have an open mind But always know what you are looking for
Go early: What i do is pick a day that i am not busy at all and i go as early as possible so i can be more selective of what i want to buy and If I don't find what i'm looking for, I don't get discouraged. I just inquire, exchange numbers with the sellers and they call me whenever they are opening a bale and i also go frequently. Remember to always buy a good grade of clothes, even though we are doing cheap, it doesn't mean we should do scraggy.
Now For my baby girl

I do lots of fun color. I literally was playing with colors when she was younger but now i know what she likes, I tilt towards it. You don't have to buy everything of the same color but let it show that that's her fave color. 

Jeans, They are a must have for my daughter because i love them and i think she does too. it goes with any and every thing and this little girl mom jeans is some thing i can"t wait to style.on her.
Be intentionally: Like i literally style every piece in my head before buying them. So if I'm buying a skirt, i already have a top or blouse in my head that she can wear it with and i try as much as possible to buy things that describes her personality cause as an entertainer she has to look the part. 

Look for their fave cartoon characters or superheros: Like it sparks them up. I always see the joy in Jina's eyes when i buy Sofia's top or Dora's tees. 

Pay attention to details: This is very important to me cause most times you find that after you leave the shop or the market, you will now see one k leg and that can be so annoying. So what i do is settle down, sit on the floor if need be(mostly in the market) and check them out one after the other to make sure it works and doesn’t have any blemishes or holes before I buy them.
HAVE FUN while doing it. It's not that serious and at the end, you will be glad you did cause you get good quality for very little price. 

I buy mostly from KARMO OR GOZA here in Abuja. Contact me let's plan a thrift date together in Abuja. 
Where do you do your thrifting so others can have ideas
What are your tips for thrift shopping

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