January 31, 2018
Hello damsels, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This past weekend was really fun for me because I spent it with the family. eating pizza, having cokes/Heineken and some Chocolate ice cream at Figarros pizza, Ruby;s center, Wuse 2, Abuja. I'm I the only one that loves chocolate ice cream.?


The place was neat, reception was fabulous and i will recommend Pepperoni pizza and their chicken and chips.  So overall my weekend was cool but my week is kind of slow but very steady so I thank God. 

My phone got spoilt this past week and I tried fixing it to no avail but those guys at Banex in WUSE 2, do they even know how to do their jobs. Imagine like you have to take your phone two to three times because it wouldn't work and they will still collect lots of money from you. I'm just thankful to God and hubby that i got a new  and better one so I'm hoping I won't have such issues again.

Now, for the real reason of this post.  Cantu haircare now have hair products for kids with textured hair.  I’ve never used Cantu beauty before so this was really the first product I and jina ever tried. The first reason was the fear of it being too pricey and what if I buy, will I be able to continue. SO this held me back until one day I was shopping at FAXX super market and saw this product and the price was very affordable and I'm like whatttttt!!!!. See speed buying o. I can not not buy now and it will now increase or someone will now tell them that it is normally expensive and they will change it asap.


So I posted a picture of Jina on my INSTAGRAM and some of you sent me Dms about her hair, what i use, where to buy and all that so I'm giving you all the tea and hoping you enjoy the product as much as i have. Before using the cantu beauty product, i have been using natural shea butter on her hair and i notice d that it was drying out her hair and i wasn't really seeing any improvement ( maybe there was, but i didn't just see.) except on her wash day so i had to change to cantu beauty kids care leave in conditioner. 

The first thing I noticed is  the packaging, which i love love. That burnt orange thingy is really cool to me and it's something I can recycle. 
The smell is so nice, it smelt so nice even hubby loved it on my hair. 
The feel on the hand is pretty smooth and soft.
You have to mix it well into the hair or it will give you white patches
When applied to the hair,. It detangles the hair and leaves it soft and healthy
Even after drying out, the hair is still soft and bouncy
So the "how to use this  product" is on the body of the product but you can switch it up and see how it will work for you and your child. 

The steps i use:

After washing her hair, I apply this and gently detangle her hair with my fingers then with a comb.
I twist her hair and cover it with a not so original satin bonnet
I allow to sit for as long as she doesn't remember it.
I style to my desired style.
I use it for my sons hair too.
So it's simple and it really works.

If you would like to see a video of how i use it step by step, please let me know in the comment section.
Have you tried this product before
what other cantu beauty hair products have you tried?
What other products have you used for your baby's hair and would you recommend them.

So if you know any mom or you need this sandals. Please dm me on INSTAGRAM . The criteria is just to be subscribed on my BLOG, YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I have other Cantu beauty hair care products which i will do a review on soon. Subscribe ok
I hope this was very helpful and if it was please let me know in the comments and also share on your social media handles so more people can see it. I love you for reading and till my next post.



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