September 19, 2017

Dear Diary,

I definitely need a little break from waking up every morning to take care of my daughter and taking her to school. Just 1 year ago, i couldn't wait to send her off. In my mind she was disturbing me and i needed the space. So when I decided to take her to pre school, i was so happy, I started to make a list of what had to go in her bag. I mean, it’s not a do or die affair, but if I forgot some things, and then they call me from school to remind me.  It makes me feel bad.  As a second time mom, I’ve learned that after you tell your self one million times not to forget anything or remind yourself of the things to carry out. I still tend to forget. And because i mostly forget the important things like her cutlery, i just respected myself and today, i decided to write them down and share with you guys.


This is the most important of them all in my opinion, unless you plan on receiving calls from the child's teacher or turning your child to a longa longa. Although my daughter doesn't always finish her food. I always make sure i put enough cause it's better for the child to remain than to want more. And there are really a lot of cheap things you can pack for your kids and they are pretty easy to prepare.  check out SISIYEMMIE.COM for easy meal ideas for your child. And of course this will be packed in a lunch bag. 


I can remember forgetting to put jina's spoon in her bag and immediately she saw me, the first thing she said was why didn't i put her spoon with sadness written all over her face. I can only imagine how she felt when she didn't see it. So make sure it's something you don't ever forget. 


This is very important especially if your child is still a toddler. Who else hates it when you dress up your child looking beautiful to school, then she comes back looking very messy. i hate hate it so i make sure i have a bib that covers a reasonable part of her uniform so it there is no messing up of anything. 


Who else just loves face towel. i love it so much especially a white or pink face towel designed with flowery things. This is very necessary for  wiping away any remnant of food. That face needs to be pretty and clean.


Wipes are a necessity....I don't like my kids bum to be wiped with tissue cause sometimes, these schools use tough tissues and my daughter's skin is delicate so i don't want any roughness added to it. The ones she has don belle full me. You can use also it on the face whenever you forget the face towel. So it's a buy one use for two...lol.

Jina has this thing that she reacts to small bites and just grass and others. So i always wear her pop socks. Don't blame me, it's pretty too.  Try pop socks for your princesses and it helps with cold. So win win
Hey DAM Fam–What other items should you pack when taking toddler to school?
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