June 14, 2017
Hello beauties, so today i decided to write on my blog (drum rolls please) yea I have been concentrating on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and i have done so many amazing videos and the response is unbelievable so my blogging has being on hold. So for those who missed me...i'm back..I'll be posting here too at least once a week. So I did a post on GO CHEAP WITH PEARS BABY LOTION and realized that I'm supposed to have done this first. Choosing your baby cream is very important as a new mom or just a mom in general. And I know how annoying it is to buy a cream and it doesn't perform or just wasn't right for your baby's skin. So here are some of the things, you should consider and I hope you find it very helpful


 Budget: This is the first thing you should consider before choosing  a baby cream. In this case follow follow isn't allowed because you don't want to be having high blood pressure whenever your baby's cream finishes. I see a lot of moms being worried because their baby's cream will finish soon. So you have to know your pocket and know what you can afford so that even in recession you will be able to close eye and buy it.


Survey: In as much as you want to watch your pocket, you also have to ask questions o. Its not just to buy  any thing you see, NOOOOOO and not just one or two people but as many moms as you can ask. This will help you to know the one that is good, bad and even affordable. Cause sometimes you go to the market and when they notice you are a newbie. They will try to increase the prices or when you hear price, your heart will just be doing you gbim gbim like me  and nothing is as painful as when you and some moms are discussing and you ask how much they bought a certain cream and they say 1500 naira meanwhile you bought yours 4500 naira.


Consider your Baby's skin. This one works when your lil one is already here. For my case Jina's skin was very sensitive so I had to later change her cream twice and finally opted for one which works perfectly.


Weather: This our weather is somehow now so we have to be careful in choosing our little one's cream...yes it's very important to consider weather. If it's hot, you choose something mild and not too sticky. You know sometimes baby go just dey cry cry and us mothers will be quick to say na so him dey do/cry meanwhile..it is what we applied on him that's making him/her to be uncomfortable and fussy
 ( NOT IN ALL CASES). So for dry weather, use something oily or you can mix the body lotion and an oil/butter like Shea 


Natural or .  .very important. So before you give birth, you have asked all  your questions and done your survey and checked your budget and so on and so forth. Now what do you want. Ask your self these questions.

Do you want to use things like Shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc. ?

Have you seen anyone that has used it before and it  worked?

Do you like the smell. This is not a joke o cause some moms will use Shea butter and start complaining about the smell.

Will you be able to make it yourself or buy from retailers?

So you have to be sure if you want to go natural which is the best option cause at the long run your child skin will just be looking like soft bread or you want to go the other way.

Remember not to completely dry baby's skin before applying cream. just dab the towel on them and apply cream., The remaining water will help the cream penetrate into the skin.

So what do you use for your baby's skin?
What would you recommend?
What are the pros and cons?
Do you have any more things to add, please do cause we nor dey learn finsih

Please let us know in the comment section. As always we are all learning everyday.

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I love you for reading and till my next post


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