March 12, 2017

Hey beauties, how’s everybody doing?

So I decided it's was high time to do a taking stock post and i think its high time i do it like monthly. So even though I'm doing this and would definitely share some personal things but i won't share everything  

Seriously not reading anything and funny enough i don't think i have sat down to read a book for like 1 year now. Is it something I'm interested in right now.....ummmmhhhhhh...nah!!!!!!

Sad about not pushing hard about certain things which if i do, things will definitely change.

My new off shoulder top which i love love love. i think i will do a look book abi wetin una think. I love those look book thingy but always feel like it won't fit

That I'm gaining weight again after looking close to 10kg, I think i stared eating too much again like yesterday night by 7pm i ate beans porridge and soaked garri. 

Loving  that jina is really improving in writing and where my relationship is right now. Spicing things a lot. 

What are your thoughts on this. Don't forget to subscribe comment and share.  I love you for reading and till my next post. Xoxo
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