November 17, 2016

Hello mamasitas. How y'all doing....sorry I have being MIA but Itw my business o. OMG it's like I should take a week off everything, husband,  kids,  business etc. I really need a trip. Ideas please.  Oh I didn't tell you but for those of you following me on facebook know that I now have a clothing business which is online and offline but mainly off line.  Yes I sell fairly used clothes or just call it OK.  and it's been seriously hectic.  Waking up taking care of everything and preparing to go to the shop isn't really a thing but I really appreciate God for bringing us this far.  So if you are interested please patronise your sister so the ministry can move.
I sell bras,  cotton nighties,  kiddies and baby shoes

So today's post is to guide you or give you some tips on how to care for your kids/toddlers/infants skin this hamattan period

1: Do not dry out the skin after bath.  Use a clean towel and pat dry and do not rub.  You don't want the skin to break out

2: Ditch the lotions and creams for now.  No don't throw then away just keep it aside for now and go back to your oila and petroleum jelly like Vaseline.  This will help keep the skin soft and nourish and also make the skin shine and since you are not drying out the skin in the first place, you do not need so much. This can also be applied on the lips to keep it soft too.

3: Wear them pop socks, leggings and long trousers especially for the older kids .  Depending on how old your child is you have to wear them things that will help retain moisture.  You know this period everywhere is annoyingly are dry and if you expose their skin,  it will definitely dry out. Another thing is for those of us that our kids are very active, it helps prevent wounds, scratches and injuries.

4: Wear them coveralls. This is very importance especially for toddlers infants and babies. This will also help retain moisture and prevent the skin for breaking.

What other tips do you have.  Please share with us in the comment section. I love you for reading and till my next post.  xoxo

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