October 20, 2016

Hello MAMASITAS...so i just had to use this title for today's post. many of us have heard about OGA BUHARI'S speech which made me sick to my stomach but in the middle of the vex, I asked my self what really happens in the other room...please i need answers. Things dey sha happen for the other room o like babies, snake in the monkey shadow and thingses but really Buhari, Is this how you look at women. as cooks and other roomers...na wa o. it's funny but it's not funny..

What do you think of PRESIDOS SPEECH?

 Do you know that i have been looking for a permanent way to start my post. should i say hello mamasitas.......it's so confusing ..today it's mamasitas, tomorrow it's honey or beauties. I have thought of using Dear diary cause after all this is my public diary. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?.

I'm planning to do a lot of things to improve my blog so if you see any changes please bear with me and keep reading cause the more you read the more i feel inspired to write.

I decided to share my Sunday with you guys even though today is Thursday. We went to the market and then we now did small branching to  Apo Shop rite to do small drink shopping cause we were having visitors. (this shop rite and next people have to start paying me o. ah see free free advert I'm just doing) Jina is on public holiday and I have no idea, what we should do to keep her busy. I had plans to do my nails and film a video but now I'm worried cause the girl go disturb me die.  You know they resumed early (on the 5th of sept) so most of the other schools are starting theirs next week.  I need ideas

How is your week going, any challenges, mommy moments or ideas?.
How would you spend the mid term with your kids? 

Please share with us via the comment session. i love you for reading till my next post xoxo

Love to read back from you and it will only take two minutes of your time. I love you for commenting! !

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