October 24, 2016
Being a stay at home, we also need cash  to do one or two things and Starting up a business in this recession is not only needed but can be scary cause of the way things are now. But it does not have to cost or be expensive, especially when you are creating your own products or offering creative services or selling other peoples products. In my post, which I'm going to tag mompreneur I will share with you how to start a business with no capital and the best is that you can do it at home as a stay at home mo. I wrote a post about 5 BUSINESS IDEAS FOR EVERY STAY AT HOME MOM

NB: Never, think you can not do it!

I want to first of all say Don’t give up! If the lack of money is holding you back don't ever think you can not do it, yes it won't be easy but with hard work it will definitely be worth it. Like me i use to be scared of trying out new things. I always stick to my comfort zone but as I have gotten older, i have realized that you can do what you want without fear and at the end you will glad you did. 

Why Do You Need Money

Is it to be financially free or to support in the upkeep of your home. As a stay at home, it's not easy always asking the mister or just generally depending on people for every little thing you want. I am an example, sometimes instead of asking hubby for cash to buy or do something, i just let it go unless it is something i just have to do or get. So i started trying my hands on different things i can do to give me that extra cash and freedom. Most of them i needed cash and some i didn't need at all. 
This tips i want to share you don't necessarily need an office or a shop 

  • You could clear a corner in your house like the store, garage, room or even living room
  • You can  promote your business by so many free ways which i'll share in my next post on mompreneur.
  • You can sell your  products on blogs or website....the first 20 people to comment get a chance to advertise on my blog for 1 week

Start small

You may need little or no money to start your business now. It’s okay if you have a big amount of money to spend but for the purpose of this post...I am concentrating on those who don't really have much or are stay at home moms. You need a business that will not cost you anything to do and something you can do from your home.

Make your own products: 

For me i have sold products my own made products to people. I have sold clothes, hair and body butter etc. This will definitely cost you but not too much.

Be an Affiliate:

You can sell other people's products and get commission. In Nigeria we have platforms like Konga and Jumia...The only thing you need is to be online so you can relate to both your customers and the main sellers. This one works best when you have a blog or an active social media account. So what you waiting for...please get yourself one. I can help you with that for free....just CONTACT ME HERE

Be a Middle man

I don't know if being an affiliate or a middle man are the same but in my opinion they are not. Some one sent me a message yesterday asking me if i can source some products like grains, spices, leaves etc. and be sending to her which she in turn will resell and everybody is happy and smiling to the bank. Can you do this why not give it a try and also CONTACT ME so i can link you up with her.

Finally Do what you can with what you have, don't over do your self and it will pay off

Any more advise on how to start a business with no money that you’d like to share? 
What businesses have you done startng small?

I love you for reading and till my next post..xoxo

  1. Am I first?
    I need a favour and I would love to put an ad on your blog for a week

    1. send your banner to me via my contact form. let's start from there


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