April 01, 2016
Hi darlings, how are you guys. I guess some of you are still in the spirit of EASTER,Still chopping chicken and drinking coke....So this holiday i thought us as a family were going to do something special but it didn't work out...Had to go to the in laws house but am thankful that i celebrated it with family. How was your easter holiday? So a lady at the bank approached me after seeing i and jina and my biggy belle and decided
to give me this talk about opening accounts for my kids and i thought it was a great idea but i won't open with that bank cause they are crooks...see me talking like there are better banks out there. Anyways I thought it was a great topic to write on

But do you know the cash we have spent on jina since her delivery, i fit build house with am...cause even when hubby dash me cash, i still end up using half or more than half on jina...i wonder how it will be with the second one. Have you ever thought of how rich you will be if you didn’t have a child ?, no judging o...i think of that too.

OK so having a child or children especially in this our city of Abuja is not easy at all..From school, to the general well being. See i haven't put jina in school cause of the cash's so expensive and the thing is paining me...and the type of school i want to put her cause of her sharpness, the price they are calling is very high. So me i will wait till September...Who wants to spend more that 100k for her pikin to go and sleep and sing and play in school and i have not talked about the stress, energy, waking up early, fuel to drop and pick her up.

Having a child can be cheap and expensive all at the same time it all depends on our choices as  parents.  From where you have your baby, what formula you give that baby if any. what diaper brand. what school will they go, what type of clothes they will wear, what cream you apply on them can finish your money.

If you cut your coat according to your cloth , you should be fine. It can be exciting when it is your first, and you want to buy everything in this world but I'll advise from experience and especially to new moms, yes be excited but calm down and plan. you don’t need to buy expensive things especially if you know it will affect other parts of your pocket after all babies grow so fast that those dozens of clothes will be outgrown. There are so many things like school fees that are waiting so what
am doing right now is saving....Please lets learn to save so we won't be stressed in future
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