April 06, 2016
Good morning mamas and soon to be mamas, How was your night. Hope beautiful. To keep up with posting is becoming difficult o because most of the time, my whole body is saying another thing plus my madam on top suddenly wants extra attention. MEET MY LITTLE MADAM JINA HERE. Sorry I'm complaining a lot. Bear with me ooo. Hopefully, it will soon end So yesterday being Tuesday, after having a sleepless night, i finally woke up by 4am to prepare my self to go for antenatal. I got there by 6: 30 and i was number 19, can you imagine that. That annoying woman in charge sells the numbers to people
Any ways after all the stress and waiting and standing. The doctor told told me my visit was suppose to be on the 12th. *ME THAT WAS SMILING BEFORE MY FACE SQUEEZE* yes i saw the doctor, yes the money no loss but i regret eh. Why did i go in the first place...Now after paying 500 in the counter, we still have to pay #1500 for urine and pcv. What nonsense, The money is too much oo. That is defrauding. Every new visit, the charges changes, from 700 to 1k to 1500. Imagine you have collected the exact amount from your husband or that's all you have. what will you now do and on top of that i still had to go to KARIMO market with biggie belle. See post on MARKETS YOU CAN BUY CHEAP FOODSTUFFS IN ABUJA . All in one day...I try abi!!!

Anyways to continue my main post. This week hasn't favored me at all maybe because i am getting close to the date. My waist pain has increased eh. I can't even bend. So i did a scan last week and from the scan my baby has turned already. God has really being faithful in this pregnancy except that my blood isn't improving. Taking that routine drug is becoming difficult for me and i have to buckle up. See me that was SCARED OF HAVING ANOTHER BABY, HOW CAN I HANDLE IT , when i saw some new born that came for first visit or immunization, i couldn't wait to hold mine. *Irony of life* I told you guys about the test i had to do cause i added so much weight, so after checking my weight yesterday, i reduced by 2kg. I heard I'm not suppose to reduce but my dear, the weight i was as at last week was too much and i plan to reduce more before birth. At least 5kg. So no more grand bread and late night meals. 

So when i was discussing with the cute and beautiful female doctor, she said i should try and loose weight afe6r birth cause am a young girl....It inspired me to want to loose weight now now self. 

Moms to be and expectant moms, what are your experiences this week?
How much are you being charged for antenatal?
How early do you wake up for antenatal?
  1. Eiya,u are almost there,i can imagine wat u are going thru now,the last weeks can be very uncomfortable..about the antenatal ish,I dnt have to queue in line or pay any dime,I get my medication and test done for free,becos is a company clinic just for the staff and their dependants, really very stress free

    1. Wow...see enjoyment...Mrs Ugo, your experience must have been very easy....

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  3. Hang In There, it's almost over.

    You're allowed to complain o! Please get it out as much as you can. Letting off frustration for expectant and new mums reduces the chances of post natal blues, so please rant away.

    My advice to you is to please not lose weight BEFORE pregnancy. It's very dangerous for your baby as he/she can lose vital nutrients in these final weeks. This is the moment when your baby's lungs, cardiac and nervous system developmental are being finalized. You need all the calories and nutrients for these organs to form properly.

    Leave weight loss for the next two weeks. Since you're quite disciplined, I'm sure it won't be difficult for you to lose the weight after baby has arrived.


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