February 09, 2016

Hi my people,
I am extremely delighted , it’s always a pleasure to do a product review on my blog and the best is that people are sending in their product reviews for me to place on the blog which am excited about and
FYI, it doesn't matter the product  you are reviewing, food stuffs, women product, family products, beauty products..etc so far wives, moms and  women generally appreciate it, it's fine by me. So I recently started going through some of the gifts jina got when she was born and decided to try this product on her and in my opinion it is the best.

Continue below to see the results of the test and my personal opinion. sorry about the picture quality...if it doesn't suit your taste.
This product comes with baby oil, baby lotion, sponge, powder and petroleum jelly and in my opinion, it's one of the most perfect gift to give a baby. It comes in two types, "the blue one" which is made with milk and chamomile and the pink one" which is made with almond and rose oil


It moisturizes baby's soft skin

It is mild and gentle

It absorbs easily on baby's skin

It isn't expensive

It is very portable and comes with a handle to carry it from

It can be found anywhere, markets, supermarkets..etc

The colors of the products are adorable. I have the blue and pink

The smell is very nice. It reminds me of that babys smell I knew when I was little

It's mild on the skin and smoothes out easily, giving your baby soft skin.

The color is pink so I love it....nice packaging
There are a lot of fakes, so you have to be careful when buying, you don't want to buy something fake and give it to someone as a gift.

It finishes very fast especially if you use it morning and night

The soap is painful in baby's eyes 
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