January 29, 2016
Hello beautifuls, today is my first weekly post for my pregnancy series. I am not sure I'll post this immediately after writing it cause am going to the hospital to collect some test results but am sure I'll post before the end
of today...but really how are you guys and my fellow preggies, how's the baby experience with this one kinda  fluctuates, some days it  kicks seriously, while other days, it just takes it's time to kick.

So I even asked about stiffness/tightness on my Facebook group which i was feeling. Is it happening to any of you. I noticed recently that it's happening like almost every night now. But I asked and did some research and was told that it's perfectly OK but if i was scared i should see the doctor...but me i don't think i will see o, maybe on my next visit.
my face is so swollen, i make up every time i want to go out

This thing is getting tougher by the day, now to even bend a little to bath jina is really painful on my back and waist and being that i don't have any one helping out with my chores it's really difficult and the little time i have to rest jina comes and disturbs the heck out of my body. Having a second child is tougher than having the first, the first, no disturbance, you sleep when you want and wake up when you want but now you have to be awake to take care of the first, i can only imagine what will happen when i give birth. i go sleep at all?...

This week was generally full of activities, there was too much wakaring. I had to go do my sim registration. Somehow this rush is good o. i was told i was given 2k, i was happy then i started hearing of people that they gave 5k, 10k, 22k. can you imagine, i provoke and took my time, after all they are looking for customers...LOL. But they finally gave me 7k....WHICH AM JUST TAKING CAUSE OF GOD.  How much did they bride you to register your sim.winks

What are your experiences at the stage you are in now, please let other moms know, and any other thing you'll like to know please add me on bbm to chat directly 58ab9e67. i love you for reading and till my next post xoxo
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